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Happens. I said, well, no, I don't think that's how it happened. Okay, but they're similarities, but yeah, but they're still asleep right now. She's wearing a little she has a little her dad found out. He was 20% Irish with 23andMe. Okay. Yeah, I found out what I found out last year when you were in Ireland before I went to Ireland. So the show finding your roots on PBS, I will be in an upcoming their editing my episode right now. Fantastic. They spent last year. They spent ten months working on my genealogy and uncovered something, a secret that everyone went to the grave with. I got it. You're from a family of browns fans. No? That would be tough. You just broke into a sweat right there. Yeah. That would be terrible. Joe, I hate to break it to you. We found out. Your great, great, great grandfather. Diehard browns fans was Paul Brown. Otto Graham, yes. Okay, sorry. So yeah, and we uncovered the secret. So in an upcoming episode of finding your roots, you'll find out. Fantastic. Where that came from and how and which side of my family. What else you got going on? You always got about 15% going on. Well, there's the upcoming metal lords from DB Weiss we call them Dan and my Dungeons and Dragons come on. But he wrote this amazing movie for Netflix called metal lords, which is about a group of kids not often represented who are in a death metal band trying to win the battle of the bands at their high school. And it's this heartwarming, like really fun, great, young high school kid movie about kind of the tropes and archetypes you don't often get in those types of movies. Super fun, great music, Tom Morello. There's all the music. There's some great, great cameos from huge rockstars in it. And the kids are so good. You will fall in love with these kids. So that's coming out soon. And Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead anime series will come out and then I've got a couple other things that I'm actually writing right now. Okay. That hopefully I'll be able to announce soon because they're kind of like, they're like dream projects of mine that I've been working on for a year that I haven't been able to talk. As you know, we're always here for you. Whenever you think coming up and just for anybody out there in our peacock or SiriusXM or terrestrial radio audience, we're used to hearing it, but yes, Joe Manganiello is in a Dungeons and Dragons group. And one of the members is one of the creators of the Game of Thrones television theory series. DB Weiss Dan Weiss, right? And Dave Benny off played. He's in it too? Yeah, so actually the people who brought Game of Thrones to life on HBO are Dungeons and Dragons members. Well, they grew up playing it. I mean, which makes sense. Which is what the show became. And yeah, so they play characters and my show every week or the adventure. They don't have to, they don't have to write, they just have to show up and they get to play their characters, which is really fun. Right. Which is like with the 25 sided die and stuff like that. It gave 5 too many sides. And does your wife still refer to you guys as the nerds? Does she refer to you guys as the nerds still? I prefer intellectual. Does bubbles make it into the Dungeons and Dragons room? Bubbles sits on my lap while I run the games and just takes a nap. She just goes to the grandmaster. Is that what it is? Dungeon master. Doctor master. I'm about making fun of you. You seem like I'm making fun of you. I'm not doing it. I mean, there's a little bit you were close enough to 20. I think you knew it was a 20 sided, which you went 25 to try to hide your tracks. If I only had my cloak of invisibility on right now. There it is. Okay, there we go. Skin the game. Just get in the game. I know. But I get destroyed in two seconds. Like I'd be dead, I'd be dead before I hit the floor. Walk you through it. And you could make the greatest character ever, rich. Like what? Whatever you want to do. What do you think? You cast spells? Do you fight? Do you do with a little bit of both? I really thought of it. That's good. I'm a spellcaster. That's a good. I do that every day. That's a good one. Yeah. The rich eyes that show audiences spellbound every day. Throw flames. Yeah, fireballs. Yeah. Yeah. Lightning bolts fireballs. Why wouldn't anybody create the most powerful character of all time? Because you start off as like a little tadpole and then you have to grow. That takes time. You have to grow. But that's the fun of it. You're on an ongoing series. You're in Game of Thrones. You succumb to our Game of Thrones parties every week. This is your chance to be on the show, who do you want to be the mountain you want to be Jon Snow, who you want to be. What are the Daenerys? Whatever you want. And drinking and watching TV. If George Martin came to play, would you would you come up with? Oh, I talk jets with him. He's a talk jets with him. They were supposed to COVID hit. So we had to stop playing live because COVID hit. There's a zoo in George was going to come over. Yeah, then we started doing it by Zoom. Yeah. So you roll the die on Zoom and is there just like so there's a program where I put up the map in each character can only see what you can see. So if you have like night vision, I program how far you can see if you have a torch and you can see how far you can only see what you can see. So sometimes people in the zoom are like, oh no, and you're like, because you can't see it. What happened? What happened? Get up here, you know, and then you have to get in a fight. Okay. So I have the map up here and then we have zoom over there so we can ask each other. Ballpark it for me. What's my time commitment if I start this process? Ballpark. What is it? Well, I mean, this is like hey man, you know, what's my time commitment? If you were like, hey, I want to, I want a deadlift 600.

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