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Is more than the policemen on the corner more than the courthouse where our laws enforced more than the jail where law breakers are punny. In your whole community, there are customs and moral code which guide your actions, what social controls affect you. I'm gonna call right now. I'm looking at the prison right now. I'm looking at San Quinton. This is life of the law. I'm Nancy Mullane. We have some really exciting news for you here at life of the law were looking to the future. And part of that future is a change. The changes I am stepping down as executive director of life of the law and Tony Gannon who you know as the senior producer is taking on the helm of life of the law and leading this project into the future. We're going to celebrate this change by going back into the archives and sharing episode. That was one of my favorite with you. The episode is called release day and it's the day that a man I met inside San Quentin actually was released and I'm there the morning. He's standing on the curb and we go together into the first hours of freedom. This is released day and I wanna thank everyone who has supported life of the law over the past six years, I've been D. And I wanna thank you all, forgiving, Tony, Gannon, all of you. Support as you go forward into the future together. Thank you..

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