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He wasn't explaining well or maybe I would just wasn't understanding the explanation but I would like do the breathing stop. Okay. Take a couple of recovery breath and not start doing pushups and be like all right. I'm getting to the same limit and so I would do forty five I would do fifty bill. It's not feeling easier. So. Then when I was reading the Scott Carney book, what doesn't kill us he described it in more detail and he said, okay. So what you do is you go through the whole cycle of thirty breasts. You hold on that last breath flip around and start doing push ups with your breath held. So just hold your breath and that's so weird to like. New? Ships. But after you've done the breathing, you start doing the push ups with your breath held and it took me a couple tries but the second day I did it and all of a sudden like, oh I get it. I see what you're saying and it felt effortless like like I did not feel the strain on my muscles and I just I see myself doing push ups. Okay. I don't feel it because there's like you've activated what's it called opiates or something you know what I'm hard pressed to say exactly which combination of the factors. We've talked about are going on here but I haven't yet let go of my breath just taken in all that oxygen now I'm holding onto it and I'm very purist on I WANNA make sure I'm doing full pushups. You know none of this like Kinda halfway stuff and I can get too close to fifty with my breath held somewhere between forty and fifty before it's like okay I, gotTa take a breath and then after that as soon as I let out the air and I keep doing pushups now, all of a sudden I'm really happy Oh this. But today I set my new record sixty push ups Oh, shit. Yeah. No Way. I could have done that nine thirty eight birthday look at me. Amazing. Living Live. So that was another real effect and I was super impressed. It is. Saying without testing it properly against other people we can't. Well I'm just saying that I was able to what he was describing was very skeptical about it. I I was like, what is this right? Right? I've been trying push ups after this and it's doing nothing. Yeah, wild. It was truly impressive and also it is the exact sort of thing that I think we would get a both answers to if we said Suzuki to hold my breath while do push shops. You. Get like well, I mean, you probably shouldn't. If there's anything that is sort of wrong. No. But also here's an example of fifteen people doing it. Yup. Well, I mean at least this one year going to be on a hopefully surfaced that you're not going to hurt yourself on the worst that can happen. Yeah exactly. Yeah. The worst the okay. That is the worst. But aside from that yeah, you're probably going to stop before you get to the point of passing out or something probably also under exercises, they have a four minute meditation. I've only done that once then under this kind of central section of exercises, there's forward bending and so women off has his own little methods of doing maybe seven to ten short quick deep breaths and then leaning over to an increase your flexibility. Touch your test exactly. Okay. So you get to do that with him. So I do that every day. And I'm limbering up. Definitely I can feel my head getting closer to my knee each time but I think that would happen whether or not I was doing the breeding share but he has his own little explanation out. Here's how you Kinda hold your breath lean over you wiggle into the position. Then you let the air out and sure enough when I let the air out I do feel more of the pain. So so there might be a little something to that Then these just seem kind of silly to me every day I do the reverse balanced. That's where you're just kind of like putting your feet up in the air. Okay I'm looking at that picture and I can't tell, oh, that's the head back there looking up, right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I do that sometimes yoga. So. He's just saying, Oh, you're increasing blood flow by having go the Opposite Direction Elaine gravity take blood to your head. Okay. For All the Yoga details out there it is a shoulder stand. Thank you. That's what I've been doing. And then then there's a separate entry for head stand. All difficult. So then I'll go hold ahead Stan sometimes need the wall sometimes. I. Can do it on my own, but I'll do stand for about a minute, and then there's the shelf you've probably seen photos of Wim Hof doing this like the vice documentary about him the thumbnail on Youtube is him balancing where he's just on one hand ex-boyfriend used to do this okay Yeah. So the. Ideas Yeah, you've got your elbow pushed into your body and your just balancing on that hand using the elbow to hold you up and of course, they're teaching you to do it with two hands but I can't even do that yet. Yeah. I've had no success with the shelf. Well, you remember Craig Yeah crag would do that. All the time impressive is very strong. I don't have any achievement points. No badges for the show he would do great at this APP. All right. So I need to work on that, but then you get over to the cold shower, there's videos everywhere of Oh by the way, you'll love the video of the reverse balance because his dog. Dog Or. Dog shows up in many of the videos but the dogs particularly entertaining in that one. What's the dog's name? I? Don't know if he says, rude, he should and I bet someone on the Internet knows all look. Okay. This is really Borton. Lamb stock I'm listening I've been doing the shower section through this twenty day challenge. Okay and so the IT's broken up into weeks and each week has five days. So they're kind of encouraging you to take okay to a couple of days off, and in fact, the APP was like penalizing the at one point saying you've been doing too much stop. Take it easy there fast guy..

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