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Not just like three point eight million three point eight seven five every single one of these days outside there are forty six decimal places maybe it's a way to get around the the they've got to pay tax when they go and play other states and things like that it comes out i think it comes out to like fifteen point five million over the course of four years which is a nice more monotony raven but grocer but it's eight point seven five after that three there so couple notes on this one miller is going to be twenty six for this season so he's not an old man endorsing trees is like david perron or james neal he's now the highest paid defenseman on the team at three point eight seven five if the golden knights don't make that trade for carlson the defensive core going forward you've got nate schmidt shaffi door and colin miller all under twentyseven they're all fensive minded defenceman those are kind of three guys you would consider sort of the defensive core rate for the next four five years until they hit thirty and then mcphee's like yep you're too old we'll see later so he's an important player and if they don't trade for carlson those are sort of the three guys you're hoping develop but about this sighting in the salary cap because that to me that's i mean what was he making before i think he was at one million last year okay picked up another two almost three almost three so now you're down to fourteen point eight fifteen fifteen hundred fourteen eight and as we've talked about before the erik carlson deal the golden knights could conceivably take on bobby ryan's contract bobby ryan and eric carlson combined make fourteen million dollars cap space right now is fourteen point eight leaves you know money for william carlson now conceivably you would send money back to ottawa so there might be a little bit more than point eight million leftover all but it's not only william carlson you've got tomas no oh yeah restricted free agent shape theodore really carry any ties you up with your your.

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