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I beg your renault enough mike lombardi will join us at the bottom of the hour we could the debate all you want about physicality of the game in the generation the generation the one thing he you can't say is you're not going to be able to eliminate any of the violence in the game no matter what you do until you take the physicality of the game away and play touch football and nobody's going to watch touch football so the ryan chaisiri injury that happened this week there's no way of avoiding whether happens in the '70s the 80s the 90s the odds the teens it's irrelevant because he does that type of contact in the game and words your germain from boston response from east boss the rain is from his bosses i'll let so yes i would say the the days of the ifor mission and the you know the three linebacker shares of that love all kirkland's of the world the ted johnson's of the word those head thumping linebackers of old that don't cover anybody those days are gone so yes there were collisions ted johnson once a crack the author to lima to face mask where he's playing with planning is miami but we're i see the speed and the violence still staying at the same level despite the lack of size is that the guys are faster because the game being spread out forces them to change their personnel state these are going to become bigger and more hybrid like like so they can cover a when cousy your line nobody's we put their rent they're not they're not there that hybrids downli backer of that has to cover so the collision still exist but they exist from a well out as one of their business with greater speed act the whole thing this is a scientific project yes so it's like a guy like vince wolf work getting off.

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