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Any efforts to stem the the number of direct care workers the supply of direct care were suit workers can pose some real issues in the future as he said of the population of older adults continues to grow and that's feeling uh just skyrocketing demand for this workforce the next ten years alone will need one point three million new direct care workers among them one million will be home care workers so that's larger collectivity that's larger than demand for any single occupation so we really need to be thinking creatively about how you can better support this workforce and really rethink uh the way we think about this workforce and you know i have to tell you before we run steven in all of the immigration fights that i've covered in congress in anywhere else i really never heard anyone mention the needs of this industry and the needs of americans going forward they talk about farms they talk about restaurants they don't talk about home care that's right i mean it's it's difficult to address these issues but i think we can start by providing these workers with a living wage a high quality culturally confident training and general just greater respect for their very important role as the foundational element in our longterm care system steven campbell policy research associate with phi steven thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me we've been hearing your stories of nursing home aids and other caregivers who came here from another country liacouras center brooklyn new york our family relied on abraham a gentleman from sierra leone invaluable caring in respect for my father gave our family peace of mind hi this is tony from upper dublin pennsylvania a my husband has cancer and was just in the hospital with a number of medical problems the home al fayed is haitian she's absolutely wonderful i'm not sure if anybody else would do that kind of work in this country hi my name is mary and i am from limerick pennsylvania my aunt was suffering from terminal brain cancer most of her hospice care workers in caregivers where from liberia this is jemaine from florida.

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