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That's what I'm here to do. Well I do I. Am here question while I'm here to tell my story and the night before. The night before on February ten Sur on February Rack claiming my time sir, reclaiming my time and I know you don't want to answer, but the facts are clear. Sentencing recommendation made in the morning tweet in the afternoon. You change the sentencing. Recommendation that tweet tweet was not. Win A tweet was made it. I think one thirty or two in the morning. Most interactions weren't even as fruitful as that well. There was the vast majority of democratic questioning in which the Democrats pursued very legitimate avenues of increase, but then didn't let the AG say anything. They took their time. They gave a speech. They gave a lecture. They gave a scolding and that was it. I can understand. Understand the lawmakers frustration yet I, as a citizen had frustrations of my own that not much was being learned or gained. Let me give a small example of bars, technique of dilatory up few stations. What they were up against he was confronted with that infamous footage of the navy veteran being beaten eventually, his hand was broken by police forces in Portland video is of Christopher. David a Navy veteran. Beaten and tear gas by the offices. Do you think that was appropriate? Didn't seem tear gas. There seems to be gas in the area I don't know what kind of get it was, and I don't know whether it was directed at him. Yes, so let's spend a few minutes together. Debating if Christopher David was being teargassed, or maybe the tear gas was being Christopher David Important distinction. Let's spend five minutes on that. So I understand reclaiming my time, I'm not going to let you dance over facts. I'm not going to let you dilatot seriously waste the committee's time, but still what we got was a lecture, and in uprating and an attorney general, not looking particularly contrite. The Republicans on the other hand. We're just flat out. Stupid, here's representative. Mike Johnson of Louisiana. Point of order Mr. Mac what purpose does the gentleman? Is it permissible for a member of this committee to accuse sitting Attorney General of the United States of murder? Because that's what we just heard those words, and it'd be struck from this record. This is outrageous. But. We didn't hear that we didn't really come close to hearing that. The accusation by Representative Debbie McCarthy Powell was that the president and his attorney general. We're allowing her Florida constituents to die needlessly. That is not a charge of murder. It is also quite frankly accurate. Couple of shocking moments during the proceedings including. Democrat Joe New Goose Colorado. Trap Bar into a backpedal. You stated quote that the White House fully cooperated with a special counsel's investigation. You're aware of that. Today Mr Bar under the penalty of perjury..

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