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What was his childhood assembly lines slight his childhood family life turns out to be very interesting and important for understanding him later on his parents were peasants his father seems to have been a particularly sweet man a good man i get this not only from gorbachev both from uh others in that area who remembered him and he was luckily to gorbachev he didn't try to dominate him he loved him without ever saying he loved them because russian peasant patriarchs don't engage in that kind of two off a he supported him he encouraged jim whoever represents mother on the other hand was much more strict and stern and it turns out that when the disciplining and that family had to be done she did it and gorbachev told me in an interview that she went so far as to whip him where she was upset with him up until the age of thirteen when he finally grafter arnon told her to stop so that kind of combination of benevolent supportive father and they strict overly strict mother i think hasn't affect the way the father treated him encouraged him to believe that people were good and could be trusted and to aspire to great things himself and the way his mother treated him i don't want to sound like an amateur psychologist because i'm not but i think the way his mother treated him may have created the need for the kind of affirmation that he later thought he deserved as a politician at that he got to get psychological just for second when you talked about his child and his overall introspective is an celso where is he able to talk openly about his childhood about his feelings about his place in the world where when he described his relations with his mother.

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