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Once again, The Godfather of football. Tom Brady does it again. You asked me last Friday. Well, what I thought and by even a wider margin that I thought But anyway, the reason for the call is now love it. Governor. Cuomo is not only the brunt off comments by Rhonda Santos of Florida, but last Monday at the State of the State address in Oklahoma, the governor over there just totally Flashed call mode. You could see it on C span. He just really trashed on unemployment numbers. Hey said that they opened up out there in early June. They'll opened up all the way restaurant orders of calling him up. Thanking him. One restaurant owner he met with owns three catering halls, three restaurants, food trucks and He basically thank him for saving all of his employees, jobs and everything and their schools and opened up and they're doing great, But he just took Cuomo to task, he said. Their unemployment rate Is 60% lower than New York. And they're fully open and, uh, one of my relatives last week I went down to Florida. On, he said. He called me from flowered and he said then. He said. We're all open up down. The everything's everything's a go so I don't know what we're gonna do over here. We have white. Another year and a half of these two jerks. Some money. Guys destroyed. New York. Thanks. Vincent Cuomo, a disaster. The worst governor in America. The cruelest Governor American destroyed every killed 15,000 people in nursing homes. He killed 12,000 restaurants wiped him out in Florida. Everything's open indoor dining, outdoor dining that kept everything open. You could say it's reckless. You could say it's a look at the numbers. Their numbers are slightly better than New York's even Dr Oz this morning. I heard him say, This is the first time in history in a pandemic. Anybody ever just quarantined the people that were well quarantined the healthy people. We've never done that before, even in 1918. We didn't do that. So The Cuomo is and the briefings you may think, find them great, theatrically, very entertaining. They go on for an hour. You might like his acting performance, but his results is metrics. Total disaster. Worst governor in America When we come back, Ed Rollins will be with us. Here's a guy who's been through everything you could be go through in politics. So we'll ask him what's gonna happen with the impeachment and what's gonna happen in Congress and actually, what's going to happen in 2022? Will the Republicans take everything back? We'll get to that In a moment on 7 10 W. O R Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. Okay. Mark. Middle schools in New York City are going to reopen February, 25th new testing protocols will be put in place, allowing the junior high school students to get back into the classroom. For the first time since November, the high schools all will remain closed for now. Made of Glasgow says Citi Field will open is a mass vaccination side on Wednesday, half of the employments reserved for Queens residents, the other half reserved for the TLC and food delivery workers. Governor Cuomo could've announced today whether not indoor dining in the city can begin on Friday. It's scheduled to begin Sunday at 25% capacity, but some restaurant owners have asked for the full Valentine's weekend. President Biden says he will not reduce the size of those $1400 checks as part of his 1.9 Stream trillion dollar stimulus plan. But he says he's wide open on who will get the checks beating there will likely be some income thresholds set for the money. Next updated, known breaking news at once, Don't you? David Lynn Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning 6 to 10 Tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on 17.

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