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A option is brought to you by arafat's state house bowman gray added gone people every 48 per se jennifer lopez is so cute djalo is as we know dating alex rodriguez erupts fortysecond birthday is this thursday so the lovebirds celebrated jointly in miami over the weekend where lawyer paid at your favorite play here the overpriced prime one bit shout out to you born miles would you just did it that's great i wanted to take a shot a problem once well are there then you must have more money than london's on the table in the corner you cities they happy anniversary sail around this day last year you protests that the white sox decision to wear collared rolled back jersey's you'll start cutting up every uniform in the entire no soldier deal was sent home suspended five days so it's no surprise he was traded the boston over the winter the current seiyung favorite he's not triple crown right now motion wins most strikeouts lowest dra in the american league what about that the white sox meanwhile or last faces old off everybody except the solo people including seal team new supposed to be a contender melancholy happy trails to john combo who died yesterday at the amazing age of one hundred one at the very beginning of the nba come the coach the minneapolis lakers would later moved to los angeles come lead the best player in the league the first great big man and george mike in and with con the coaching the lakers one five championships.

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