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What I heard this weekend in this room from top age for leadership speaker Pelosi is that the Democrats refuse to negotiate until the president reopens the government about eight hundred thousand federal workers have been impacted in some way by the shutdown now in its eighteenth day, obstruction of Justice charges against the Russian lawyer who became a focal point of alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump election campaign this case against the Talia vessels Kaya is unrelated to any collusion. Instead, she is now accepting an indictment of submitting deceptive declarations to a judge in a civil proceeding that involved a Russian tax refund scheme. We're getting a first look at the city of Boston's big pitch to Amazon last spring as the online retail giant was looking for the site of their second headquarters. WBZ's KENDALL Buhl tells us the emails were obtained by the Boston Globe. Very hush hush Dan half toward the city gave a visiting delegation of Amazon exacts last March included predictably, great views. Good food tours of robust development sites and introductions to innovative business leaders. But it also included a sit down with the heads of some of the areas. Top schools head of the greater Boston chamber of commerce, Jim Rooney says that emphasis on our status as an education hub was right on the money is competing in a global knowledge-based economy. Many of the industries that are growing here require that kind of talent in the end. Boston's wooing Amazon hardly earned a peck. On the cheek the globe reports. City officials learned the company's h to q was going elsewhere. What John sent them a press? Release KENDALL Buhl WBZ Boston's NewsRadio things are getting back to normal at London's Heathrow airport departure. Archers there were suspended because of a reported drone sighting. There's an active investigation right now. But police have not said whether they have confirmed that a drone actually flew near the airport coming up a successful appeal of drug convictions for a man from Attleboro.

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