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Adventure events and festivals where we showcase festivals worldwide. So it's everything from surfing events. I'm in Australia, the US to snowboarding festival, music festivals in Europe and got a whole variety of festivals, which we call anything that's read anything this right. But did you get into that because he bit of an adventure travel yourself? Is that how you gonna? Yes. So I guess my main particular post fifteen is. My my main sort of goal would would traveling was to do something predominate around surfing and action sports related, say surfing, snowboarding, mountain, biking, the sites now being not fatigued. Well, there's plenty on it, and obviously these cost is about Marocco. So I had a bit of a such on what is happening in Marocco outside of the markets and outside the Sahara desert. There are actually music festivals, and there's a big sifting coach surfing now that the module drought rather than serving in the two together, it's amazing of I'm originally from from from London and. We would always have friends and all I or golf on on satellite trips. And I'm, we'd plan and setting occasions wouldn't want not just in Europe, but the close to London and America the the capital of surfing tag is an academic is about four hour flights from London and on a daily flights that and it's a completely different world and sort of fest time I went there, there's probably about ten years ago. And then since then sort of being back numerous times and predominate just just to go surfing because it's such an incredible place is it Mediterranean say, so it's it's on the Atlantic on on the Atlantic Ocean. It cuts in on the north in in rotten edge of ocean in in the north of Morocco breaks into the Mediterranean. But the main sort of surfing is sort of base around the central central Marocco name now. I dare and then south from the Western Sahara all the way up. There's amazing waves. And yeah, it's w on some of the some of the areas are getting a bit more Bimbo popula. But yeah, if you if you take, if you take a drive, you can definitely find an empty empty yourself. So for those people that understand, sipping tombs, what kind of breaks out I us so breaks. I mean, I'd say it was the the disneylands of right hand point breaks in anywhere in the world of bane of Steph Paret about thirty five forty countries and. Morocco is yet is something special, stuffing give us a female countries. Then as Phil said, he's Joe dropped. When we put Marocco zipping in one sentence, did the puck hostile, Peru that's gonna massive Sieff in college does yeah. Me three other countries that you dine expected to be saving coach. So Israel is one. I couldn't believe it was out there and there was about one hundred people in the water. It was not big on manly beach. Pretty incredible. That's one where else I'd say. I'd say the UK in Scotland is got a pretty big sane it. It's cold. He'd have fairly thick Whitson thing. But yeah, we'll all around around the UK sort of homeland Devon in the in the south. And then yes, Scotland's. Amazing, Norway, got some incredible waves. And then now I guess this will be -cations which is sort of code will to surfing destinations that people are sort of licking today. Once they've done all the ones around the equator and all that tropical kind of location when you're in back to Morocco, when they won't, what's it like in terms of safety. I mean, there's one or two that patrol, but the majority of of the surfing spots. Yeah, you're left to your own devices. The other is much more safety, but if you'll, it's sort of this this plenty of sports for beginners, intermediate, Cephas advanced said as a variety of breaks speech breaks. And yeah, that sort of. There's there's a big infrastructure around the setting that now, so people can go and stuff camps on this people all over the world all every year, coming to Morocco, two weeks, suffering experience, and some of them sort of incorporated with yoga, and you stay in these amazing camps in places and normally sort of go out every day doing doing. So I think losses with with with local Gaza instructors apart from the Disneyland of right hand point breaks..

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