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But it's on a breaker first marriage. But then you go to the toaster he put it down and then it pops up and then it's like whatever in the but the movers come up in the cold. Colder mixing box. That's what that's what kind of electric mechanical arm almost almost as electrical leg catch one of the two What the hey did we talk about here on. The bag was talking. Sowed the the abridged version. We missed about five meetings. We hammered down a couple of subjects this week on the old packet. You chopped up and down. I cut the fuck outta some paper with my knife and seltzer people at orange launch. That is that rare daughters absolutely sister. Yeah wrote a lot of her songs. Instant fucking great music absolutely music. She feels missile launch. That's right that's the real answer. Api bianca bianchi knows So i mean. Do you want to go over every nuance oh we had some pick. Whitney's well yeah. We have that which is a think lemonade flavored vodka. That's generous if a modest tastes like high school dropout with a little bit of kager mixed in there. It's yeah ice. Found some acetone alcohol. We should make some fruit and see what happens. I his school drop-out having a child with someone who stated is so every single nuance of weed every single one and the legalisation their hotel which ta thc level that you can adjust and not get set to a federal penitentiary one hundred percent and we give you some tips on how to not become chemically addicted to marijuana marijuana the marijuana because there's just one well hey you wanna know how many syringes of marijuana you can inject before you come before you overdose five. The answer may surprise. you know. Yeah actually we kind of separated on the old. We'd because it was a it was a gold. Mine of fantastic soundbites the yukon gold. If you will we will train wreck of we talk about a metaphorical bullshit. Parade from a bunch of people don't purple haze. Oh easy easy like a glittering northern lights slew of bullshit like blueberry bush. thank thank bullshit and wonderful. They have a chemical that Slows down genetic mutation. Yeah do you wish there are more joe's on the friday back i do. We've found third what they're going to stick around for that. We'll boy if if one stout and on his stocky the other one. oh man. T-shirt got two adjectives verb then discuss some regional round up and some of well there a little bit yeah. The weeds are where the fun happens. Sure s let's Buildings same for that every week. Three five five four six. Whatever god the quarterly episode of the i talked to I think we discussed last episode. That had a meeting with him. City staff elbowed me and said. I like the some pretty good stuff. I don't think twenty well not a patriot. Patron obviously but I may have overblown heard actual opinion. But she's uric thing. I've heard of that and i talked to a fellow today. We interviewed previously. Definitely not a He's been interviewed on the on the back and he said that he hasn't listened for several months and he's catching up and he listened to a couple of episodes and he's like oh shit. That happened. Dammit i should have voted for them saying move mountains here at the back i we are always do ask someone got to other than hurricanes and fires wanna know what you should have voted for a couple of months ago or you did and now doesn't seem to matter there you go. There's that also gives us. I wish you could see stock. His dance moves. He's hitting it pretty hard with the way the arms and he was. I loved it. Oh the last day of august two thousand twenty one. Hey i remember to turn off the air purifier. This type of separate proud of myself. Okay i could turn back going. Kick it on we got fucking delta variant.

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