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This? Yesterday in Venice, California, Larry Elder On the campaign trail. Miserable, wretched. Vial. Young white woman. Put on a monkey mask and drove up to Larry and threw an egg at him, narrowly missing, hitting him in the back of the head. Gorilla mask. What do you think would happen if Stacey Abrams were campaigning in Georgia for governor like she did, and a white conservative, threw an egg at her wearing a monkey mask. That's all we hear. Morning, noon and night. That would be the lead story on every network newscast for days. It would probably make January 6th look like a walk in the park to the media. That would be the day that lives in infamy. White man or white woman wearing a monkey mask throws an egg at a black Democrat gubernatorial candidate. And probably rightfully show that would be despicable. That would be hateful. Dare I say that be a hate crime. But when it's Larry elder Conservative, It's okay. It's all right. The media doesn't jump in. The media doesn't care because it's just Larry. He's a conservative. He's a Republican. So we're not going to pay any attention to this. Do you realize if that incident yesterday in Venice, California got the media attention it deserved. Larry would probably be issue in next week. Because Californians Would be so disgusted with the activities of Democrats make no mistake. She's a Democrat. Who doesn't believe Larry Elder Should be allowed to present his views to the state of California and run for governor. So it's not a story. Candace Owens. Was talking to Brian Kilmeade last night on Fox News Channel and said this Yeah, I've seen this and it's actually infuriating. I know Larry Elder. He's a friend. He's a mentor. He's on the board of the Brexit Foundation, which is my foundation and let me say you tell you something right now, if this is on the other side of a white woman wearing a monkey mask, threw an egg at a black Democratic candidate. This would be wall to wall coverage. And actually, this might actually constitute a hate crime in Los Angeles. We need to find out exactly who this woman is. She needs to be arrested and she should be. Charges need to be brought because this is absolutely criminal and disgusting. And it might be racist. I'm unsure why she was wearing The monkey mask. I have no idea why she was wearing it. But I'd like to see more information about that. And she's such a nasty human being. And she's a coward. She's screaming as the people confronted her around, Larry, don't you put your hands on me? Don't you touch me, and then she slaps. The guy that's trying to protect Larry, a middle aged white guy. Who Who's trying to get in front of her, and she hits him. Does she not get arrested? How do we not know who she is? How if charges not been filed? Against this Cretan. This racist woman. The Democrats are racist. The left is racist. What do you think the whole opposition to voter ID laws is all about? The left believes that black people are too ignorant to be capable of figuring out how to get Photo id. They're the Racists. And they're the ones who evidently. Refusing to condemn a white woman wearing a monkey mask. Throwing an egg at Larry Elder. My gosh, I I know the odds are against him. And I know how hard it's going to be. To upend This. This Democrat. This failed Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. But wow, what a what A what a victory. That could be. What a victory. That could be if Gavin Newsom is recalled, and Larry Elder becomes the governor of California. It's not likely it's improbable. But you know who was also unlikely an improbable Donald Trump as president, it could happen. And they're freaking out. They're completely wigging out. You know what the lead story at The Washington Post was online and in print today, Larry Elder's lies about blah, blah, blah. They're attacking him. They're throwing everything they can. They got Biden in there supposedly going to campaign for Gavin Newsom. Kamala Harris the machine the beast is revved up. And the reason the beast is revved up. Is because they're afraid Larry could do it. When you've got a woman in a monkey mask, representing the Democratic Party, throwing an egg at a black man. That ought to get every American's attention. It's certainly ought to get every cap. It certainly ought to get every Californians and attention are numbers. 806 55 might get a lot of breaking news today, lots to cover going to talk to victory. Boyd that singer who was fired by the NFL for refusing to get vaccinated before singing the Star Spangled Banner tonight. Before the Cowboys Tampa Bay Game here in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium. She's been fired. She's going to join us and tell us about her experience..

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