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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red marriage a broad? Well, sandy The cabs who wrapped up practice Not too long ago after yesterday's 43 overtime win over Boston have time today to have Jacob Rana sit down and asked, talked about playing the bees yet again tomorrow night, a capital One arena, a seven o'clock face off after beating them just last night, a good team. We're going to respect that. But at the same time we tried to focus on our team the most and Really doesn't matter we blow against We want to go out there alone and rivalries. I mean, we can have rivalries with all the teams around us. But this team is basically team like I said before focusing on us and the NFL, Matthew Stafford now and L. A ram, Yet he was traded, of course, from Detroit. For a quarterback Jared Goff in a bunch of draft picks the Washington football team. They did make a significant offer, one that had more immediate help that what Detroit got from L. A. Now the official is the deal's not official until the start. The New league year, which happens on March 17th and yes, both teams, the Rams and lines will face each other in the upcoming season. College basketball on the men's side. Today's Navy loyal of Maryland game postponed due to inclement weather elsewhere Towson with a 85 lead over William and Mary that came in the first in women's action right now, Richmond with a 46 31 lead over George Mason, and the first just underway. JMU up three to early over Charleston, Jay Brooks w T o P Sports Coming up after traffic and weather how some vaccine clinics in the area are dealing with the snowy weather. 1 17 Way made us a insurance.

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