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The suspect picture may change very soon and in terms of the victims we're learning more about the injured from yesterday's sidewalk bombing two men in their twenties that's right yeah two men in their twenties from southwest austin they are said to be in good condition at this point but we honestly don't don't know much more about them i know police have been trying to protect their privacy in terms of in terms of allowing media access to them that's matt lauer g of k ut joining us from austin with the latest on the bombings and attempted bombings matt thank you you're welcome well you remember when president trump called oakland's mayor libby chef a disgrace after she warned of impending rates by federal immigration agents there are communities working closely with immigration and customs enforcement officials to be h wise laura ben shaw reports on what's driving these collaborations in eastern pennsylvania in two thousand nine a police officer arrested a man for shoplifting more than three hundred dollars in merchandise from kohl's department store in bensalem township in eastern pennsylvania a crime that would usually result in a fine or short jail sentence instead open the door to something else said bensalem police department public safety director fred heron and we found during the course of the arrests that he was in the country undocumented whatever the politically correct term is the moment and we had called ice just to see if they were interested and they were hearings officers process the man and then in his.

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