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This week said they closed the gaps and how to spend nearly $1 trillion bill, But they're still working on how to pay for it. President Biden has proposed raising the corporate tax rate to offset the cost of the spending, but Republicans have flat out rejected that. Lawmakers have also floated the idea of raising the gas tax, White House press secretary Jen Psaki says to the president. The bottom line is clear. The choice for him on the pay fors is. Are you going to ask Americans who are just trying to go to work? Just trying to drive their cars to work? Drop their kids off at school to pay more through the through a gas tax, or should the wealthiest Americans pay what they owe in taxes? Lawmakers say they're hoping to reach a basic agreement before the Senate breaks for a two weeks. Life. Fourth recess. Windsor Johnston. NPR News Any virus software creator John McAfee has been found dead in a Spanish prison just hours after a court signed off on his extradition to the US The death, which officials say appears to be a suicide comes after the Spanish high courted authorized the extradition of the 75 year old McAfee, who faces tax evasion charges in the U. S. Mac if he was arrested at the Barcelona airport in 2020, and has claimed the charges against him are politically motivated. US prosecutors unsealed an indictment in October against McCarthy, alleging he made more than $23 million and undisclosed income from false and misleading Cryptocurrency recommendations and failed to file tax returns. New York Times reporter Nicole Hannah Jones has told the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She will not teach this fall without being granted tenure as NPR's David Folkenflik reports. The demand is the latest twist in a controversy. This caused a furor at the school. The UNC husband School of Journalism and media sought to grant Hannah Jones tenure. After all, she's a Pulitzer Prize winner. National Magazine Award winner, a MacArthur Genius award winner and she has a masters from the school itself. Arkansas newspaper publisher Walter Husband, after whom the school is named, pointed to questions about claims made in the 16 19 project. Times Initiative about the legacy of slavery and prejudice in American life. The university's board of trustees declined to take up her nomination. Some black faculties say that's making them question how welcome they are at Chapel Hill. The husband school gave her a five year contract to teach anyway. Hannah Jones now says she's rejecting that offer The trustees next meet three weeks from now. David Folkenflik. NPR NEWS The message from some big Wall Street banks to their employees get vaccinated and get back into the office. Morgan Stanley this week joining the list of banks that are saying all employees will be required to attest to their vaccination status, and those not fully vaccinated will be required to work remotely. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 71 points. This is NPR, and this is 90.9 W. Bur in Boston. I'm Lisa Mullins, the state of Massachusetts is again considering allowing people who are in the country illegally. The chance to get a standard driver's license or state. I D. Dozens of people told the committee on Transportation today that driving is essential to getting around in the state. Steve Tolman, president of the Massachusetts AF L C. I. O testified that allowing people with no documentation to get a driver's license ensures that the roads are safer. All drivers need to know the rules of the road and past the same driver's test to be properly registered and insured. That's what this bill will do. In the past. Governor Charlie Baker has expressed opposition, saying there's no way of knowing who undocumented immigrants are because they lack authorized proof of identity. A similar bill stalled in the Legislature last session. State Senator Sonia Chang Diaz is now the third Democrats who enter the States 2022 gubernatorial race. In her video announcement this morning. The Jamaica Plain lawmaker says she supports a so called millionaire's tax constitutional amendment. She joins former state Senator Ben Downing and Harvard professor Daniel Allen in the Democratic race. Acting Mayor Kim Janey says Boston is on the rebound from the pandemic. In remarks to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce today, Jeannie called the city its residents and business community strong and resilient. Our economy is rebounding and people are getting back to work. Our unemployment rate has dropped from 16% a year ago to roughly 6% today, and economic activity continues to pick up. Jamie says challenges the city face before covid still exist, including high housing costs and disparities in wealth, health.

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