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And is aimed at Thomas. Also receiving votes very peculiar series of names air 'cause Luca Danni on here. I, I suppose he was acquired. No question. Danny is a player. There's no doubt about the Anthony Melton also on this list. Sure. Quite peculiar, which will be the most improved. The Los Angeles Lakers one. This. Going away. Yeah, agreed. Yeah, same last year. Minnesota. Which was right and wrong. Yeah. Dallas and Phoenix tied for second Chicago Orlando, Gough got a vote, good for them. Congressional. What was the most surprising move of the off season. This should have been one like one hundred percent rather. Democracy to Golden State thirty, five percent, third, smooth, third, yeah, Leonard Damara Rosen, trade twenty. Nine percent. Definitely surprising for sure. Yeah, Paul, George staying in Oklahoma City also super surprising. Honestly, that might surprise me more than boogie Golden State at George Atta there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's more than fair. Jimmy, Butler trade request to people voted for. That wasn't all that surprising. Surprise me, none. Absolutely. LeBron to LA got a vote that wasn't that surprising to me, the Andre, Jordan Dallas. I mean, he literally already signed there before, like, I don't know how that was rising. Both those like two three. Those are probably just will know within the industry led to your. Yeah, and we're Carmella was like, he's not gonna be on the thunder next year. So he's. Somewhere. Who will win rookie of the year. Last year wrong. Lash said, Lonzo ball, incorrect. Donovan mitchell. Do you have people up last year's with voted? Let's see. Yeah, we go Lonzo gas sixty two Simmons got twenty four. Okay. Dennis Smith junior seven percent receiving votes the FOX, Jason Tatum wow, you're before that you wanna guess who was the leader with forty seven percent of the vote. Ben Simmons. Oh, now we're talking rookie. Chris done. That's right. Then Simmons was tied for second with buddy. He'll. In Beed was tied for Brandon Ingram. Sure. Buca dodger forty, three percent of the vote vote teammates in college, Marvin Bagley. And when Wendell Carter. Seventeen percent. Deandra joy, two hundred Deandra Eytan Phoenix. Thirteen percent came in fourth Jaren, Jackson, Kevin Knox, and concepts all receiving votes. I don't. I haven't decided yet, but Sexton my sex and he's going to do numbers, probably not gonna be much of anything you'll have the most points rebounds assists might be laying in Bagley. I don't know. I just don't know if you'll get the time man posted today. They had four centers out there. I. I don't know. I just don't think I don't think get the touches. I think he's going to be playing all five positions. He's going getting maybe too many touches. Oh boy, he's twenty six shots night. Which rookie will be the best player in five years. Last year, they said Josh Jackson, obviously, we don't know yet who was five years pull up five years because yeah, let's see. It was a twenty thirteen fourteen I'm scared to look at it. It's like, I'm telling you this babe ain't Aguirre is telling. Let's see..

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