West Texas, United States, House Judiciary Committee discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Parties promised to deliver bigger budget surpluses than the government. If it wins elections next week while the ruling coalition's warned the policies would harm the economy. Centre-left labour party lawmakers Chris Bowen, Jim Chalmers have outlined policy to reduce tax breaks for landlords and some shareholders, which they argue would save one hundred fifty four billion Australian dollars or one hundred eight million US dollars over the next decade. The conservative government, which is seeking third three year term at elections on may eighteenth. His condemn the policy is a high texting plan that would further. Depress. The weak housing market. That's weighing down economic growth. People are being exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution in west Texas because of the booming production of oil and natural gas. According to an environmental group in new report, the environmental integrity project calls the Permian basin. One of the most productive hydrocarbon regions in the world, but says the consequences dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide in the air around Odessa and other locations. The projects associate director says regulators need to head stricter oversight of air pollution permits. Well, penalizing polluters who violate the permits meals more air quality monitors are needed a Texas oil and gas association spokeswoman says the industry groups reviewing the report, but is confident that Permian basin production benef-. Fits, Texas and the US. AP radio. I'm Tim Maguire. Robert Muller won't go before a house committee next week House Judiciary committee, chairman Jerrold Nadler announced.

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