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The rug you know a lot of it gets gets a pass whereas every guy that fails on the mets does not get a pass because they're losing games now and that's the way it goes in sports in general when you're winning all's forgiven when you're losing everybody is a bum so i don't know what will happen there but the akis with andrew torres now and a very good bench a very good bullpen and a revived and remarkable ccc tabatha are you are that they'll be record setting and i'm sure that i don't care because i wanna see success in the post season so how many games they win the regular year doesn't really impress me i know one thing no matter how many games they win the regular year they're going to start the playoffs zero zero like everybody else but it does seem that home field is important to them and the red sox are gonna push them which is probably a good thing that they're going to feel like we better keep this up because someone's chasing us and i do agree with people that say you know what you don't want to overtax yourself in the regular season and yet the push poll on that is yankees are much better at home and they want to be home and they lost the astros last year because they weren't home they didn't have home field they won every game at home in lost every game on the road so that must be fresh in their mind too so they're in a little bit of a cashman and boone meet in the dog days of july and august they're going to have to weigh those two things together to decide what's more important to them that we really really push because we want home field or do we try to get ourselves to be the best baseball team we could be come october and compete from wherever that is in terms of our playoff spot it's a dilemma danny in the bronx next on the fan just a collected salvi the baby's spoon in the high chair you're in a high chair if you believe that the wilpon don't have money and that's why they're not spending it's ridiculous it's it's beyond ridiculous they can spend whatever they want.

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