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God. Yeah, It's like Howard Rescue with the weather, you know, keep you know that without cares, Dennis, what the Everything is on the line. Who do you want? Who do you want the ball in their hands. Romboni, Mr Peabody's Wayback Machine. Uh, I am legitimately 68. The best clutch player. His nickname was Mr Clutch. I can remember him shooting a basketball from the top of the key to the other end of the court. I think it was win a game or put in overtime. That would be that Mr Jerry West. Jerry West logo is stare. Is it time to change the logo? Why do you mean Why? Why? I mean, I don't mean this in a fence to Jerry West, but it's it's going on. It's on it's way back. You want to update it a little bit. They could do that could do Kobe. They could do Michael. But why me? Why? It's the logo. Just leave it. I mean, like the bass, who's the baseball one? Ah, Who is the baseball logo? I don't know. Is it anybody? The baseball logo? It seems very generic Killebrew, is it? Harmon Killebrew? I don't even know Shame on me for not knowing that either, But I mean, Jimmy, Jerry West is, did you Demming? Billy Jerry West a time they change the flag, Its means old. No, no, no, no, no. This is perfect. It is Killebrew. Wow, You're You're right. How it is Harmon Killebrew. But I mean to take it. I mean, it slow updated time where you go back over a half century. I don't even knows. I mean, unless you really want to care. Like nobody cares. Just nobody cares about the loans like the bird and Twitter. Nobody cares. Nobody bird. The bird has a name, Larry. No, it's Larry Bird. Why? I already know It's true bull screw up. I'm not making that the new Twitter bird alert because the guy was from Boston and invented Twitter. The guy Billy don't do the research. I know he's conning us here. I know it is telling you a fact. There, Daryl in Doylestown, Should we? I don't believe there's a reason that you're not right. He's not right. Easy. Darryl. This version has been dubbed Larry Bird. Get the hell out of here. It's Larry Bird. I don't like Twitter and Jack Jack Dorsey. No. Darrell. How you doing, man? Carol, Go once twice. You're out of here. Jimmy and Harrisburg's on Jim. How are you, sir? I'm doing better. And Darryl, we won't talk about this morning, Jim. Ah, well before we talk about the fillies, I want to agree with Dennis. I think Hell did a great job. Many interjected Cem. Some humor. He was himself. He wasn't robotic. I think he didn't find you guys just do art on the guy. You feeling pretty confident about yourself. Ah, yeah. Might just rerun it, so I want to do it again. I'm really big on the Phillies right now. I know they're you know, Washington is really looking bad. They're gonna hopefully sweeping, but Right now. I think they're playing. They've got some individual talent. They really do. But they're not playing as individuals or playing as a team like you mentioned before. When one guys start struggle, somebody else's picking it up. Having Joe Girardi is a big part of that. I've got a pretty good feeling about this is we head into the end of this strange season that Phyllis might be a force to reckon with Gemma despite the bullpen, Jim, I'm starting to get that same feeling about Girardi. That I had about video when they entered the bubble in Toronto. Correct me if I'm wrong there. No, no, I think you're dead on right there. You know, Girardi is a proven entities on us. Siri's of granite with Yankees, but I mean, he knows how to coach and he knows how Tio relate to his to his players, and they relate back to him, And I think he's going to get the most out of what he has. Yeah. Eso, Jim. The game is on the line. You want the ball? The puck the headset in whose hands well, I hate to say this because we just talked about winning the World Series with the Yankees, but Mariana Rivera, I mean, talk about clutch when it comes down to it. The men with lights out. You know, it's a It's a great suggestion. Now as a lifetime Boston fan trend you know, and a someone of a Philadelphia sports fans. You know, it's where you grew up, so it's understandable. When you hear the name Mariano Rivera, does it in sight. Does your blood boil a little bit? What? You kidding me? 2004. They hammered him 2000 for you. Could you give me one year is the greatest hero in the history of baseball? No, no, no, no. Sorry, Thatwas three. I three. Stop it. Nobody cares to 15592. Nobody cares how it's possible that they won guys pick a clutch guy than And Rivera beat Mariana. I know you said no. Mariano Rivera. You said you had one guy. That's Yeah, There's one guy bigger in Boston sports in all of sports in all of sports figure clutch, then Marianna in baseball. Well, Yeah, but yeah, When you look at it, baseball's got the longest history of clutch, I guess. 2155929494 is how you get involved. Mike. George, I guys hang in there. We're gonna take your calls. In the other side end. We need to talk to Billy King about something in particular. Tyronn Lue seems like the foregone conclusion to be the next six years. Head coach because I haven't had any other name mentioned because Chris Mannix just threw it out there on Twitter, and they don't give us the details here. I'm trying trying teasing. I'm so I'm teasing. Is that a good idea? I'll find out next from.

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