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Who you are verses so versus becoming or attaining this thing within a specified period of time you just what you're saying you never know of course What is it that you are able to make that step at has to do with your previous life. Yes i think so but on the other hand i can see so much growth from the people who are who have done this system. That is really remarkable. And so am at the moment. When i had this big step and before me also now before me noberto. Lucas has the same. Which is remarkable. isn't it to people in the same system. Go to that step and other people are following so because we are human so we can we can do to and so i think really when you when you are in that. Yeah in that flow also when you when you received that Theoretic information. I think that a lot of possible that when you already. Yeah you got that push to do it. How would you say this work has impacted your family. Life is very beautiful question. It has changed to the life of Family members for all of us. It's a lot of impact and so now our telemann are at the age of twenty and eighteen and so they are really in the face of Feeling a lot of information from learning you know learning yam in at university but then you have changed the loti as they are so much acted within selves and Here well there is peace and harmony in home. Which i think it's it's very beautiful thing and that is the same for my husband. So he has been on this journey whitney and so it's not that he is really doing the course here but he learns from yesterday talking about life of course when you are open to that you can grow to and so we can say that we have made a big change that we all are angry all our everytime taking new steps. It's amazing to see your children grow in this way. I think that it's interesting. You bring up to the idea that your husband while he's not in the course with you. He is learning through Kind of what you're doing. He's opened himself. One of the questions that i see a lot of people as is.

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