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Tom. We're Abbas on standby, Tom. We have I'm a big fan of eight CDC. This actually the Hamilton county development Corp. I would guess with the new CEO. Yes. Each CDC, which is the economic development. Arm of Hamilton county named a veteran from staff to replace peg Myrtle who was president and CEO Patrick Longo who's been with H CDC for twenty two years. We'll become president and CEO on January second Longo, his run each incubator for all. But one of the twenty two years he's been with the organization. Well, it's about time. He's ready for it is elsewhere. FC Cincinnati bringing in other owners to high profile. Cincinnati businessmen have been identified as joining at sea. Cincinnati franchise ownership group, Larry shapely with founder and CEO of human resources and employee benefits from cheaply group of companies and Michael Fisher CEO Cincinnati children's hospital are new FBI Cincinnati ownership as investors in the MLS franchise. That's big. Then we have a local contractor is going to get some work here at kings island on the long anticipated much awaited return of the cars. Yes, we're all excited about these back to kings island. Designed Bill general contractors helping on that. Object. Construction will be building all the structures that will be part of what they're calling king mill. Antique autos. This will be a syntax twentieth. Construction project at kings island. And they said this one is special because of the NFL for this ride and been gone since two thousand four maybe they'll have like a special media event you and I could get up there and race. I would love to do that two and a half three miles an hour. All right. It's all.

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