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You know and if you're one for sports you know I I don't know how well I would have done luckily I was good in most sports and so you get accepted as you know Dave you know you get accepted right away because you're a good player yeah with the guys in no problem with the girls the girls were always really cool effect that's one of the things I loved about moving around a lot did you say you had no problem with the girl no problem with the girls because there's different girl to tad bit boastful that's different girls everywhere you go when you were a sales and got your shirt off you know I have no issues for the good points or that our agreement but no so you had all new girls you know what to do you know that if girls always like the new guy Kathy you know that gap that's the end so I had it all going on with the girls but with the guys you kind of had to the account I had to learn it I want to kick your **** is probably the yeah probably in and you don't seem like the fighting type you know you seem like the loving type I am a lover Dave you try to hug I will try to punch in the face to jog him and tell him I loved him here to take my lunch Mara could be that there you go and you can hit me in the face to yeah no I would say I liked fighting but I can hold my own yeah it'll be a good athlete being a big guy I learned how to box pretty young which you did as well yeah and that kind of comes in handy on occasion but were you can surprise people because that's one sport that not many people really learn how to do boxing yeah you know most people that's that's it that's not on people's list of things I want to do yeah good point because I think that's accurate or Vetta joins us on KO eighteen eighteen on this Tuesday bill eight a bell yeah so I went to school with one of your colleagues Mike Klis really what's a school with Illinois yes as we go high school yeah and I don't remember might be and all that knowledgeable about football back then but my apparently picked up somewhere along the way well who said he's knowledgeable about football good one right the French we were acquaintances more than than friends friendly he knew everybody back on yeah and Mike was kind of quiet back then and I'm really surprised she's actually a personality on TV yeah yeah Mike Mike bill thank you I think your personality in high school really determines who you are as an adult don't you think that your personality high school somewhere is sort of the under current of your overall personality as as an adult under current yeah maybe under current but Isaac I think you're presenting college really determines who you are as an adult really yeah the way you are in college you would think that high school there's a lot of people that I can remember from high school who are quiet are totally different today you know you were quiet I totally was you were quite high school if you ask a lot of people in the high school what they'd say that I was quiet when did this change happen I'm telling you college when you get out of college and started working with Rick in wax and then all of a sudden freshman year in college changed me right I was away from home I finally got to be my own person the freshman fifteen were the hell well I actually lost weight I only weigh ninety pounds in college seriously all college type work start working with Rick you know you were tiny when the rainy yeah we still find him here do you I was at all not like ninety five pound tiny what now the guy was really skinny back then so I think you're like thirteen fourteen years already much up what's your first order work with you because she I browsers yeah we had his big bushy eyebrows nobody in years old group I didn't even know that now all because recognize your eyebrows if you don't know he wore polka shells as young man would you have worked with him yes I love to cook a shell man you you love to put a guy that would I scored five day the women love the poker eighties guys were polka shows all the time all the athletes were because shells god for me to see right what do you have a gets put all if you're proud enough to talk about I'm I'm proud enough to us with things you were secret because I'd never worn shelves in my life when we were in Hawaii this last trip my wife said let's get Dave some I swear to god I DO I'd where he's not gonna we're about I'm not gonna worm outside my home but I will wear my ring the terrible time picture no no no I will not take a when you guys will do with the picture Phillips in Kansas okay what's up the whole he would help here Richard yeah three together was a pitcher I believe for the Cleveland organization Louise in day house you know his son is kicking for Arizona state right now he's pretty darn good is it really yeah and Louis Louis works for the cardinals but I do know that yeah she's I got outside she will need development or something like that yeah only because the house brothers role big gigantic church that's a long played in the NFL yes what I thought they were kicking family yeah Dolittle high school Chino California okay thank willow Chino the the kicking Zendejas family yeah you don't know son was his son I didn't I did not not really good kicker wait while the data from the is the reason that I felt I would think while checking Parker's next okay a morning check good morning guys I I'm from mount prospect Illinois and I want to browse.

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