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That sounds good to me so you're ready to buy visit true card enjoying more confident buying experience i went there when it went to the dealership i knew was getting a bunch of years ago i bought a landcruiser it still got it today use true car and help me out some features are not available in all states go to true car dot com today of the grand prize of one million dollars what color is the white house uh i know this is this i know this own five seconds oh switching to gaiko could save you bunch of money on car insurance okay judges stroke kevin keegan's geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer i guess you can add another key to the old road sweepstakes the wizards john recruiting bold george become play are you legally allowed to do that can't can a player tamper with another player yes we i saw michael mccann as a huge legal study andrei months taxed to durant at was that tampering there's still a lot of debate about that now read said that that wasn't true that story wasn't true it is he saying that because he realizes that that could get golden state in trouble and ordesa rant you're kidding me i bought that story as gospel that that was like the beginning of the movement was dramatic heavily threats that wasn't true yeah right after they lost the nba finals that now at first the story was he went on to his car any coal durant became he text durant canal maybe he didn't do anything he said he facts to actually you all facts meshiah incentives smoke signals for him twenty years from now it's could be dream on pulled himself out of the third quarter to call his called iran's they get here now during a timeout he text durant to say we need you we can't get by lebron james uh let's see eight seven seven three d p showed you guys like the awards show last night.

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