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Listen to your heart don't let it quit on you doing the minimum to control your high blood pressure isn't doing enough high blood pressure can lead to a stroke heart attack or death get your blood pressure to a healthy range before it's too late find out how at heartorgbloodpressure check change control a message from the american heart association the american stroke association and the ad council okay what's the dust way to eat the basket meals at first is big boy with your hands a chopsticks luke airs if basket simon worth throw in the rules out the window within reason of course try spicy buffalo by thorpe popcorn shrimp both with crinkle fries or frisch is fish and chips with tartar sauce mmhmm all served with a drink for just 699 each yeah bring on the baskets limited time only a participating persons news weather and traffic for january eighteen twenty 18 newsradio 700 wlw sense and that the house today passing a plan to avoid a government shutdown tomorrow night this is continuing coverage for newsradio 700 wlw with the 1030 report i'm rob carpenter some movement toward keeping the federal government open august thirty one ninety seven the most scott jackson buzzer reconsiders led by the title the house of representatives passing a one month plan to keep the government running past tomorrow night bully eleven republicans voted against the stopgap measure while six democrats ended up voting in favour of it the bill now heads to the senate where its prospects are dwindling democrats claim they have enough opposition secured to shut down the government friday evening abc's jim.

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