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Welcome back to the Lars Larson show. It's a pleasure to be with you. And I'm glad to get your phone calls and your e mails. And, of course, my friend and Coulter, writer of great columns, and not to mention resistance is futile. How the Trump hating Left has lost its collective mind joins me now and how you're on vacation, and you chose to take some of your precious vacation and Share it with me. Yes, As a matter of fact, I did. I'm not doing any other radio this week. I'm off Twitter, although that's not That's not violent, sort of voluntary. I was as I emailed to you for a tweet that said something positive about Kyle Riton house. The man who engaged in what it seems clearly to be self defence in Kenosha, Um, Twitter of low they are quick. They suspended written houses attorney. They suspended me. They suspended Mark dice just for posting a video of Rittenhouse helping some protesters earlier in the in the evening before they Hoon started chasing him down and even on the New York Times account, trying to kill him. So anyway, what Twitter does is a million left this report your tweet, which was funny and excellent on intensity, A Web a fan Twitter feed had tweeted. I want Kyle Riton house of my bodyguard and I reach way to treat He tweeted back. I want him as my president. Um so that was the offensive tweet and Twitter sent me notice which I think I forwarded to you saying, Well, we got a complaint. We reviewed this tweet and we see that it violates no policies or German law. Therefore, we're not doing anything but they suspended me. Unless I agreed to delete between and I could appeal it. You wanted to haven't deleted the tweet, but I still can't get on Twitter. And the only way I could get back on Twitter is if I drop my appeal Goodyear among vacation to speak anyway, Let's see how long this takes. But I guess I could gather. I could end my suspension at any time. I do think it's pretty outrageous that I mean, obviously doesn't violate their Twitter policies because they themselves rule that it doesn't violate their Twitter policies. But oh my gosh, is the media quick to censor any positive information. Any positive statement about Kyle Riton house as I write my column this week. Um, there's such fake phony fraud. You have. First of all the leftist your antifa rioting in the whitest Cities Invitation. You know they act like they're acting on behalf of their black brethren. But they're a little scared of being around large groups of black people. I don't see and people going to Ferguson or Baltimore or Chicago? No, Let's go riot in the white estate in the in the union where will weaken, you know, cause mayhem get arrested and that immediately be released. On gone top of that. I mean, how is the media Determining here on a weekend when when there were more than 50 people shot in Chicago, 10 of them killed. You don't hear anything about that. That was all black people, right? The media's thought on that. But in the end, the Kyle Riton House case the shot killing, killing two people and wounding another getting hit in the arm. As I'm sure your listeners now all all not only all all criminals with some pretty impressive convictions racked up, including child molestation, repeat domestic abuse, one for illegally using a firearm and he was pointing a firearm or underneath. He's pointing But threatening Kyle written houses with a firearm. Um one other thing I noticed about all of them is that they're all white. So the media can't use a usual abacus in figuring out who the good guy and who's the bad guy they can't look. I mean, obviously, they're not going to consider irrelevant factors like Um, did he have reason to fear for his life? Did he call Rittenhouse having opportunity to escape? No, they're they're analysis is who was black, who was light? Who's a Trump supporter Who's antifa on Dzhokhar Riton house has to be made into Adolf Hitler, which they're having a lot of trouble with. Can't quite can't pull it off. He was defamed and Oh, my gosh, I'm so by the way, I would use his lawyer. Yeah, Linwood is his lawyer who won the case for Ah, Nick Sandman, Nicholas salmon from coming in Catholic and you point out that I Anna Presley and Chris Murphy, senator and rep are not immunized in their comments on Twitter that he's a white supremist and white nationalist. If they're defaming a kid, and you know there may be a great defamation case there because they're not protected by the usual protection they'd have in the well of the Senate or the floor of the house, right? Yes, And I don't know. What do you think Gloria would it wouldn't hurt your possibility for employment us better identified you as a white nationalist would impinge on your life, I guess pretty darn good case. And especially, this isn't just some random man to get on Twitter and the United States representative of the United States, Senator I think it's a beautiful defamation case on before we get to the end of it. You get the most important part of my column what I lead with this week and that is in all of these cases. Recently, for example, George Floyd and now Jacob Blake, and there was the one these shooting Rashad. I forget his last name was, um, you know they're videos and in all these cases It is massive, violent resistance to arrest while we're simultaneously reading. We've been reading for decades about the horrible imposition on black people that they have to have what they call the talk The talk the talk with their young black sons to teach them now you will you do what a policeman says. Don't argue, even if he is wrong, do not make any quick movements. Hands where they can see him. Don't reach for your driver's license. Without saying I will be reaching in my back pocket for your driving thing, You know, Unlike white people who are constantly, you know, getting in fights with cops in there, So I'm thinking on the basis of the video there At least some black man in America might be they refresher course on the talk. Well in in and what its upright. You know, I've got a couple of adults step Children, but back when they were teenagers. I had the talk because I said to them, you may get pulled over by the police someday. And if they tell you to get out of the car, you know, get out of the car if they tell you to lay down on the pavement. Ah, and you decide to fight with them. The cop may be wrong, and if he's wrong or she's wrong, I'm glad to be fit for you The next day. They're probably right is what I told them. But if you think they're wrong, lay down on the pavement, and I don't want to hear it. Your brand new pair of blue jeans, your brand new shirt, and you're laying down on the wet pavement. Too bad do it, And then if there's a problem, we'll be fit later. We've all had that talk, so it's not just something that's exclusively for black parents. No, I know I've always found it Hilarious. I am a law abiding white girl from New Canaan, Connecticut. I think I've been stopped by cops. Not very often. I don't. I'm not a very good driver, so I don't drive much. Luckily, an awful lot of time in New York and places where there's uber. In any event when I've been thought for, you know, a broken tail light or something. Oh, my God. My heart is beating out of my chest. I'm terrified The idea that that that that I would disregard a cop command fight with him. Ignore him Walk around. I mean, the Jacob Blake Video is one of the most hilarious ones. This idea that he can play surprised with the cops do this, like cool walk around the car, and he's holding a knife and has just been fighting But God. Just casually reaching into the car without saying a word. So you can't play surprised with the cops could be a gun could be a birthday cake. We'll have to see Officer know we're gonna film it for God. By the way before you go. You know, occasionally throw things at you know, Joe Biden did today He there was a man murdered last Saturday night shot down in cold blood was not in a confrontation was in on the riot, and Joe Biden blamed The dead man for inciting his own murder, and I find this outrageous. I know that.

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