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You, don't you're not gonna be Peter Vermes like you're not going to step in and take all responsibilities and build an MS Cup contender. And I think this is an easier. Position for Tab Ramos, plus no expectation I was going to say there's not a whole lot expectations on the gate, about eighteen months from me to like we gotta we gotta see something from them at the start of the twenty twenty one season like a year and a half months expectations. Yeah. Twenty twenty forever. Yeah. All right. We've blown by the concept of time I was his point him months like, wow, that's incredible. Let it go Madrid. Right back. One friend. He might have eighteen months. Late lefties thirty four Nashville ac- might want him. Join Karan's linked with Miami from Bonfield also out there. Run, you shouldn't sign one front for GP money. Maybe not even Tam money. Now, if they did either of those things, I would be pretty juiced, one front has matured legend, and just a soccer legend, general, please continue. Yeah. It'd be talking about Gray's, US. We didn't we didn't. But it it's rumored that he could go to Augsburg, which makes sense and kind of victory of them getting him with COPA Medica just kind of Megyn the midfield. They have now Ecuador was eliminated. And I think grace, okay played this weekend. And the fact that he didn't is, is maybe a tell in terms of his what his future is. And it's probably not with FC Dallas. So it makes sense. They got him at twenty one twenty two they coached him up for three years gave him ten thousand minutes and now he's an international caliber player ready to move back to Germany, and give it another. It's like exactly like Zach Stephan thing. It's exactly like, and it's I think it's good. Good business from Dallas. I think was smart. And you know if he is gone. Good luck to grow Jefferson. Severino. Still in. Yeah. Medica also interest reportedly in him. Hey, this is the best Venezuela, I've ever seen easily. We had this conversation, this two weeks ago with say games he just Martinez go. Yeah. Hetero save on believable. It's like where's the power coming from those bond his goal? How does this actually contorts that way? It's like laugh gall, from like literally side. I don't think he's in front of the goal at the point where you heads it. No. Spam. Red is your source for the thank you must read it as I was it was, it was like a like a pool shot. It was like perfect angle. There are a lot of fun. The severino. Rumor is very interesting West Ham in Newcastle. I believe renew castle part of it is the interesting part to me because Newcastle are not a big spending club Miguel Marrone. This past winter was their record signing, which is a small record signing for a relatively big. Just in terms of outlay for relatively big club in England. And they like to bargain shop that includes with managers because Rafeh Benitez is gone, but then they just change ownership. I think it's still like Ashley, no, I'm not as changing on, well, regarded that just means they're not gonna they're not going to splash out for a big signing. So they can get a guy like savvy Marino, who we all know super talented and has been productive for club and country at like six seven million dollars. And then turn him into something significantly like that, that makes sense just like it Lanta getting L Marrone for eight million dollars when they did made a ton of sense, sporting lies and business wise. So I mean I like I like watching Jefferson Severino. I hope this rumors true. A little bit ago. Did you guys see on their own assist against Argentina? Oh my. To go to that point. There's no way you could watch Severino over the last month and not think he's not of not an equal quality. Maybe he can play at that level. And he's younger the question with him. Got you is consistency. And I think what you're seeing with Venezuelan team is maybe he needs to be at his line of where he's being pushed to get that consistency for a little while. Maybe he's comfortable at ourselves. That's why there's six week periods where you're like this is the guy he is. And then there's three more weeks where it's like maybe Botha in Brooklyn in or Corey bear to the starters on, on the wing. And he's gone in and out of that. And if they can get this run of ourselves can use this run to then move him on. That'd be perfect big winner here. If this is true, if it goes down creek watt will be doing jumping jacks backflips, that worked out, went and got him from Zulia sold them on down the line. Let's talk Gold Cup with US national team six oh. Win against Trinidad Tobago. As a game Christian pulisic went God mode on. He said he was planning on doing that after the game Jordan Morris changed the game just artists claptrap of some haters. Maybe same eleven for Gregg Berhalter wasn't revenge might have been redemption. What did it mean? Did it matter? Of course. In the moment, felt good man we walked into a club and country pre and post game for every single US game. We were like, oh, let's go Oh, and then we poured some cold water, but we were juiced it felt good. I wouldn't say gee gas men's because I've heard you guys wanna hit Gassman's. It's fun. Like this is one of the parts of being a fan as enjoyable to watch your team play sometimes. And that's what happened on this one. It was a slow start. It wasn't a perfect performance. But once I got rolling it was they were dangerous for multiple spots. I think against Guyana you didn't see that it was like, okay, maybe they're going to get something off a set piece. You got that moment of brilliance from Weston and Paul areola. But politic wasn't showing up there. Bradley wasn't playing those dangerous balls. Czar Justin look, as comfortable and then in this game, Bradley came out and was serving in the first half like playing through balls. First time left. And right. And that was fun to watch. And then western got comfortable, and he started create a little bit more, and then politic to find his space. So as a fan, I'm not going to throw cold water because it's like, once every two years, I need to enjoy something. And this is that moment and thought they handled most of the issues, they. Had it was what the sixty th minute when they were up one zero when they gave up, what should have been a goal when Kato plays that switch field ball. And then right after that they gave up another goal that would've tied at one one, and then I thought they reacted well to that. And from there, they move forward and played well. So I enjoyed watching that game at the minimum. And that's that's where I was coming from, like analysis aside. That is not a feeling that a US men's national team fan has had a long time. It just kind of been dour. It's like this doesn't matter. We won but it's Panama January or God, we're getting smoked in this field more then raise and the friendly win over Mexico last year. I liked that win over Mexico. The a lot of fun. Yeah. This one, though, at that time the program you were still just kind of, like what is this going? So I think that's I think the program Specht of it is, what matters here is we, we all feel like, okay we saw glimpse of what Gregg Berhalter is trying to build. The system is starting to come together to, and this has been without Josie out store, and, and although Josie his moment. Yeah, we'll give. Filthy layoff. Exactly. And that's the difference in quality that he brings his far as the combination play in the ability to find his teammates. So we haven't even seen it to its fullest, but you're beginning to see how these relationships are forming amongst the team Paul areola in Christian pulisic, have a really good understanding of win one tucks inside the other one goes outside. They've been able to find each other Boyd has been fantastic. He had the little dummy to areola then continues in the box, Nick Lima getting forward understanding how Boyd moves those two together he was strong cuts on his left foot. So you're beginning to Michael Bradley seeing these runs in behind, you're beginning to see how these pieces can fit together. I appreciate from Burkhalter when you see Boyd skill set to understand the adjustment of he can be so gold dangerous if he comes in field. So let's get him out wide right? Because this was the idea for whatever I it's fine, you can have multiple ideas and change things around. That's one of the changes I enjoyed in this game Lima was starting when they were in possession. He was along the forward line, all the way on that right wing. And then you watch. And so two footed any so aggressive around the goal that why do you want him being the one getting to line and cutting it back, and so I and then he starts link-up, and as he floats in our floats in then politic and go wherever he. So, you know what's weird about the secrets to sequence of play that you're describing is in your absolute right about all of it so much of it is predicated upon the center forward being able to drop off the line and actually create a little bit. Like find your winger cutting in stride cutting in inside find him in stride, you know, accurate, perfectly-weighted layoffs in order to go ping, ping, ping, ping and suddenly Boyd's through. See did a pretty good job of it. He was like the he missed a couple, right? He he would go in the right place, every time, yes, the touch wasn't always, right. Correct. But, but he was in the right place on every single one the differences. He's not going to do something that surprises you. Right. And which is fine because we want this prizes from politic and Boyd, but we want certainty from that you can find it from Josie to. He has that ability to drop off. He can lean on guy. He can turn them if you think he's gonna let and cuts. He can turn and run out of guy he can find a little chip pass and behind. He can just do the simple thing if you're talking about chemistry areola Puzic, but he enjoys -i that was like his original level up guy where it was like when those are on the field, it was just it was natural. It was natural the scoring goals each other celebrating together. Like if Josie king get back. And I know we spend a lot of summer tournaments in that sort of mindset if he can get back. It's obvious that it's a huge upgrade cycle. You know what jussie three goals? Congratulations, man. And he's right there. No two goals three three she's off his face. Got it in this game because he hit that post. I know that. And it was like that was the crazy that man his hat trick. Let me ask you something. Did you see anything? Defensively that worries you. Yeah. Timor still individually one v one with Tim ream inability to move his hips and therefore whenever he's isolated one. We wanted to danger and the understanding, I think of space out there like how to close and how to fill if this next game. If I could do anything, not, because I don't think he deserves play center centreback I'd put our long out there just to see what it looks like going forward in this game, of course goals. But like he has good feet. Why not put Lima there? He plays there for his club, and then put Ken in it right back. It seems like that's not gonna it's. I don't know. It seems like maybe Matt meows go in the middle of the tournament after two wins aren't Glenn finally understanding each other, you're going to take our back and move them out. And you're gonna move your right backers, which I'm to think you could walk away from this game and say, like, wow, this back line is clicking. I don't think that that's the reaction and it's only going to be more talented. Opponents Panama coming up. They both have six points. They're both through they will face either the winter second-place from group c which could be Jamaica could be Salvador could be curse out. Cannot be Hundres. They're already out, by the point being is that Tim respect him respect to his career as he guy in a game against. Let's say Jamaica and the semis, the Bailey Mexico or like don't you like, if you're building towards that moment isn't that going to be potentially a weak spot the time? Because if I'm if I'm Panama. I'm just looping it up behind Tim. Ream anytime the US oppressed up to field, and we have talked about the left back position in the US pool for awhile beat that, when it's an issue. And that's why I don't think he's fully cemented himself. There's a one. Play where he was a little bit slow to step out wasn't able to close down that space and in general, it's kinda stuck in between sometimes for him, whether he's going to be able to step in apply pressure or what even defending in the box at times..

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