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41 now. The Biden administration plans to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the president's student debt cancellation plan. The Justice Department is fighting to keep Biden's plan alive after it was halted by two federal courts in recent weeks. It is asked a federal appeals court in New Orleans to suspend a decision striking down Biden's plan, and in the same filing it announced it intends to ask the Supreme Court to overturn a St. Louis appeals court that halted the plan. The filing warns that Americans will face financial strain if the plan remains stalled in court when lawn payments are scheduled to restart in January, almost 26 million people already have applied for the relief with 16 million of route. Norman hall, Washington. Longtime prince George's county sheriff Melvin high has died. He had been sheriff in the county since 2010, colonel Darren Palmer has been sworn in to replace high. Sheriff hi is the epitome of a law enforcement professional. He is learned, thoughtful, caring, and the consummate teacher. Palmer will fill the job until sheriff elect John Carr takes over next month. Before serving as sheriff Melvin high was chief of police in Norfolk, Virginia for ten years. Then in prince George's county for 5, I started his law enforcement career in D.C. working his way up to the rank of assistant chief of the Metropolitan Police department. The cause of his death hasn't been released, Melvin high was 78. D.C. police are cracking down on traffic violations. The enforcement effort will be underway through December 4th, and permanent measures are also being put into place to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. We've been stalled more than 900 speed humps in all 8 warts. D.C. mayor muriel Bowser speaking at the launch of the region's fall, street smart campaign, says the city since last year also has added 53 stop signs to intersections and nearly 70 traffic control officers and crossing guards. Also, we blow our speed limits on corridors like Connecticut avenue and New York avenue to make them safe for all who use them and using all modes. Still to come one of our area's most high profile unsolved cases is finally solved as 5 43. Each day across our country in big cities and small towns, highly skilled nurses make home visits to thousands of seniors. These free annual exams are part of House calls from UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage. From a systemic perspective, this service is part of the solution to major challenges like access and affordability. But what are House calls like on a personal level? Here's what darlene menacing, a UnitedHealthcare nurse has to say. The best thing about being a house call nurse, the time that I'm allowed with the members in their home, we do a thorough exam, we're listening to everything that's going on in their lives. I want them to get whatever resources they might need to be healthy. And then follow up, scheduling doctor's appointments. What inspired me to get into nursing was taking care of my grandmother. Everyone deserves the kind of care that I was able to give my

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