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More likely to go to the Raiders or stay with Tampa Bay. Dan, I'm going to take you to step further. I think Tom Brady will play next year and I think Tom Brady will be a raider. Now there's a lot that has to happen. But I think it's more likely that he plays than doesn't. He doesn't sound like you guys wants to retire. And I think it's more likely he goes to the Raiders. He's going to look at them and see Josh McDaniels, they've got Chandler Jones and max Crosby off the edge, devonta Adams. He loves guys like hunter renfrow. We know that Darren Waller at tight end, you know, they try to make this happen a couple of years ago. Evidently, Dana White was trying to broker the deal with marketing. I don't know how that happened or how that works, but I just think Brady would love to be in Vegas. He'd love to be with McDaniels. I think Mark Davis would love to have him. I think McDaniels would love to have him 'cause then it's year two, McDaniels needs to win Brady always wins. I think there's not a 100% or even 75%, but he's a decent percentage chance that it happens. Because you're looking at rating and you say, all right, you want to play, you want to play for a championship again. What place that's going to be open gives you the best chance to win a championship. I got Josh Jacobs, who was unbelievable this year. I got Adams. I got, as you mentioned, Crosby, Chandler Jones. The one thing that appears to be missing is consistent play at the quarterbacking position. Not that I know that Tom can, but he's single put him in Vegas. It's go time. Honestly, I would not be surprised at all. I think there's a decent chance that happens and the way Brady played yesterday. I hope he keeps playing a couple more years if he can keep playing like that. Unfortunately, he hasn't played like that very much this year. Well, it helps that Mike Evans, it felt like was open every single time that Tom through the ball. What was that? I don't know. What was that? I mean, we've been talking for weeks about how Steve Wilkes has done such a great job as the Panthers interim coach and he might get the head job. How you let Mike Evans get behind the entire defense, not once, not twice, but three times. They were up 14 nothing. They were up 21 ten in the fourth quarter and they let it happen two more times. Oh, there's Mike Evans down the right sideline. Oh, hey, there's Mike Evans. That was a bizarre to me. And probably allowed David tepper that owner for the Panthers to Dodge a bullet. I'm not sure Dan, he really wanted to hire. Steve Wilkes, but if you win the division, you have a home playoff game, you're probably kind of have to. So maybe that allows tepper now to hire the guy he really wants to. Whoever that ends up being. He's Ross Tucker CBS Westwood one color analyst he'll be on the call Westwood one radio Saturday four 30 eastern raiders and the chiefs. If you ran the Giants, what do you do with Daniel Jones? What do you do with saquon Barkley?

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