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Bob level of stocks in high school basketball court in central. He's Crawford county tonight seventy eight sixty corden central Jimmy Colt margins me on the Saint Vincent sports performance. Coach it's a good win tonight. Congratulations over team ranked number ten in to a big win for your guy big weekend for your guys. Thanks coach. That's a rivalry game force data Jason school. That's always an intense game. It's the first time in a long time. I felt like we've got a control from start to finish. A couple of years, and we've got a lot of great effort from guys. Tucker Gettleman scored seven points at eight rebounds junior forest. Jacob eve nine points. Junior and is a sophomore at night. So again away from our scores have to do everything for you know, how tough is it to get to get that short turnaround and prepare for a big rival like Crawford candidate cannot be easy. But the great thing is your kids have to get ready for this section of you want to win the championships. You've got you've got to win games on Friday and Saturday. We talked about this morning is has gone through Walter. You know, your basic says determined you gotta be able to go walk through hawkers and things and be able to without going full Spain not every team can do that. And and we've struggled with that in the past the porta conversation for us. If you want to win a tournament. You've gotta be able to Walter things in the morning available to those things that night. That's exactly right. And and it's easy easier said than done, but it also shows a team that seems to be growing in maturity in mental toughness, all those things we talk about because not everybody as you point out can do that. And we got some really good leadership. I think our senior starter. Joey wise is over thousand points. He's averaged about twenty two twenty three points a day Corey wants. And I thought they did a good job of pooping everybody on task tonight. And exactly what we wanted. Kid. That's been vessel time and Windsor sleep. Good leadership. Well, it's good to know. All right. So you know, you've gotten through a pretty tough party your schedule. I'm thinking, no. These this next week is even tougher. You're on the road at Salem and on the road at Charleston. That's a that's a weekend. Stands force back to back. Southern Cal bed. You know, the next week Brownstown. So we've got three of our other next four games are good compass game scores since Franklin a good pale. It came in the middle there. So there's nothing easy. But if you're a competitor, you won't play the teams. Yeah. You do. And you know, what you've talked about it. And this is the group that's coming together starting to play. Well, you, you know, you just do doing some good things. You haven't shied away from playing the good schedule. You never do. And I think you see this beginning to pay off with his group. So we thought we really turned a corner tonight. Hopefully, you know, we had a seventy two forty six later at one point in the third lake part fourth quarter to open it up and said just got away with a Cape our emotions in check in an intense rivalry game. Just control the game from start to finish that. I'm proud of all of our guys. I thought everybody that played probably played the best game. They've ever played outstanding corden central over Crawford county seventy eight sixty Jimmy Colt only Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. Coach, I appreciate it. Good luck next week. Thank you. Mark minner, Israel, the Saint Vincent sports performance. Hotline. The voice of the Butler BULLDOGS BULLDOGS in action biggies play tomorrow at cintas center in Cincinnati taking on Xavier Mark. How are you tonight? Coach. How are you doing great? And it's you know, it's basketball season. I love snow. I'm I'm I'm a big fan of snow. And so yeah, this I don't like snow, but it what what can I tell you? Every game is important. Let's get that out of the way. I got all that. But I really dogs need a win tomorrow. This this is I wouldn't. I'm not a big believer in must wins have to do this. And that, but they really do need to win because they are have been struggling it's well documented well, chronicled it struggling to win on the road. And it's an ex you team is having their own difficulties been picking up some wins. I think you look at it. You look at these two opportunities as Xavier depaul mid week next week as two for road wins. And you gave up, you know, the home loss Georgetown, you pick up a win against grading. You almost get one against Seton Halsey with the way the conference is gonna shake out this year. You really don't want to start conference wanted three things like that. You get some some gettable road wins against his your team. That's had a down year the poll these are opportunities to really help secure those big east win totals because you don't want to be going in that last third of the season trying to to win five six or trying to pick up all six games to get yourself in it. NCAA position. You're you're right. These next two games or big opportunities for can you hang on here through this scoreboard update. Yeah. Certainly Mark Minton. I will come back talk about Butler's matchup tomorrow, twelve o'clock start don't go outside unless you're sledding or something like that swatch some basketball tomorrow afternoon that'll be fun. We'll come back after the school board update was more doctor on Indian sportstalk..

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