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I think I had an honorable mention was the Avery Bradley Balkan, I believe Kelvin Johnson. I think in the first quarter, came over the weak side, rotated over Matt Johnson at the rim stuffed him completely. So now again, the inverse is also true. When you see big guys doing guard stuff, when you see going through big guy stuff, that's all Josh hart. Defending bigs in the post. Josh hart is an immovable guy. You know, this is a deep, deep cut, but David west talked about how he knew he needed to retire with Josh hart on the retired David west. That was epic. He was the catalyst. Yo from YouTube said Sekou is literally in our system and right under our noses, LOL, NBA experience in young legs. Don't think Vogel would do that, though. So secret Dubois, yes, in theory, 6 8. He fits the physical profile of what you'd be looking for on the wing, but if the Lakers aren't using him, it's for a reason. There's something going on that she's not quite clicking yet with him. I think there will be opportunities for him. And if he can play, he'll get in there because the Lakers do need a player his size that can do things, but something's just not quite there at this point for the Lakers not to turn to him right now. I think it's important for fans to realize that guys are available for reasons. Second boya obviously has draft capital. He was a first round pick, spent some time in Detroit and has shown flashes. But you know, once you get traded to a team, and then you get cut, and then you're picked up on a two way contract. You know, this is kind of the leagues way of saying that we think you have talent and we think there's some upside there, but you're not quite ready to play games just yet. If the if this was the Lakers of old, where they're not a championship contender or at least not trying to play for a championship and they're rebuilding team, then you obviously will see more psycho debuted type of minutes. But given where the team's at right now, I don't think you're going to see them unless they're getting blown out or they're blowing out teams. That's just kind of the reality of the season. So I don't expect to see a much garbage time minutes at this point. Exactly. Somebody said, let me see. There was a comment here. Oh, somebody asked for an update on Trevor ariza and another update on Kendrick nunn. So let's finish up with that. So ariza was ruled out for about 8 weeks. The Lakers it was released that he would be reevaluated in about 8 weeks. And that was roughly 5 and a half weeks ago..

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