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So when Leland I began looking at the evidence in this case some of the things that stood out regarding a possible and shooter I think the number one thing was that there was a window that was broken in the basement area. There was a scuff mark along the back part of the wall. There as you're coming you know just just below that window that was broken and partially open and it was also a suitcase that that was perpendicular to that wall. What was interesting about the suitcase? Was that the suitcase was partially opened and there was a piece of glass on on top of that. CK's indicating that possibly somebody said either entered there or possibly tried to leave their now. What's also important about the suitcase is that inside of that was a day and a Dr Seuss Book of which the fibers of which Jon Benet was wearing the morning? She's discovered by her dad. Those fibers or also found inside of the suitcase indicating a possibly. I believe Jon Benet was placed in Saturday. CK's other evidence that shows at possibly there was an intruder. Was that there were marks on Jon. benet dower noted at autopsy. More specifically that there were two stun-gun marks found on her face and on her back back which both injuries were very similar. What we found out Dr Dober- San was that those injuries or consistent with the stun gun? Ah Here's former boulder. Detective Robert Whitson after I retired. I met loose-knit Lou Lou was a detective who had worked over two hundred homicide with ninety percent clearance rate and he had been brought brought in by the District Attorney's office as a senior investigator. For the Ramsey case and Lou became the primary a person to promote what we call the intruder theory. Which is somebody broke into the house and committed this murder? It wasn't somebody within the Ramseys Family Lou and in and out of the window showed how easy it was to get in there. We know the window was easily accessible. Because Mr Angie at rock himself out I can August and broke that window. I went in to get into the House and never repaired. Apparently there was the suitcase that was placed right below the window. It appears to us that the person who was kidnapping her actually was gonna put her in a suitcase and tried to push up through the window to exit. But it couldn't do that because there was just not enough room to push her condenser him to get up inside. The whole thing does not make sense. So it's Christmas night to God fearing parents right are gonNA kill their daughter but what they're gonNA do is they're going to doctor from a room stun gun her twice right sexually assault or with a paintbrush strangle her. You know the manner of death is homicide. Aside cause of death was strangulation but more importantly after all that happens. There's also a blow to her head which covers to acceptable lobes equivalent of a seventy mile on our car crash. So I mean why would mom and dad and then oh by the way. They're gonNA write a ransom note and they're gonNA call the police even though the ransom no says don't call them then going to place her in a room of which just pure luck. None of the officers opened that door right and then a detective comes and tells John Ramsey which will never happen. Hey John go look for things out of the ordinary mobile. He goes down to a door that it was never open by law enforcement. That did two searches of that home and John Ramsey comes across his daughter. I mean the whole thing. You couldn't line up all the stars and moons the right way to get that scenario the play out the other thing is where did all this evidence go to never found the source of the duct tape never found the source of the white cord. The ramseys Ramsey's nobody can say that the ramseys owned a stun gun. You also have the high-tech footprint that was found and the storage room where Jonbenet's body was found. No source for that. Nobody in the Ramsey family had an issues like that bats supposedly none of the police officers or anybody that went there as she was like that. Or they're missing pages from the note pad those. Those were never found there. Was this beaver hair. That was found on Jon. Benet that Lou went through the whole house trying to find their a beaver Harris because they said well. That's Ramsey supposedly has a pair of boots beaver here on ever found any other lever hairs. So there're there were a lot of other fibers and hairs that have never been associated with anybody and then of course you had the DNA the male L. D. N. A.. That was found that we still don't know who's DNA that is in nineteen ninety eight John Ramsey easy frustrated by an investigation seemingly hell-bent on only pursuing he and Patsy wrote to district attorney Alex Hunter through his attorney Brian Morgan and once again reaffirming his willingness despite everything to do whatever it took to find his daughter's killer on December twenty sixth two thousand to in six years to the day after Jonbenet's murder. Mary lacy who had succeeded. Alex Hunter as Boulder County District Attorney..

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