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Like the the top team probably by like jersey sales i would imagine in every state mexico's fucking everywhere you can say right colors though very strong there it's italy's colors with the fire logo in the middle like you see like you look at this you realize how trash our flag really is our flag fucking lately brazil you can't even see the whole ship brazil got a five day gets the qinya or zambia's like two spears and shield with the colors and fire strong fire and we just got fucking stars and bars and the anthem man oh man but came up with that couldn't be me the anthem or the flag the flag it was our names wife mary lincoln mary todd lincoln believe so get them out of you knows you aboard out of here that's years but he's you'd see massachusetts has presents fire ass flagging the and germany above us which is troublesome season big brazil fan what's gonna electorate yellow that's bane germany germany that's to be an egyptian flag right there next this georgia i could see that it could be i don't know what additions for like is sadly seems like you don't either i think it's got some green and some bread and some white which mexico yeah that has no green in it that's black what does this is that mexico yeah i thought that was egypt mexico argentina's getting some love france ooh wow that let bygones be bygones purchase thing water into the breach germany is gonna trash as fly swedish sweden or what's alaska yeah i'm pretty sure that's what's someone right yes switzerland even get us with our knowledge geography and that's it we only like fuck with four countries states like sixteen connecticut i think is no that's also swiss oh that might be doesn't england have a plus in their flag too i thought they got some blue in there so don't they yeah but it's we can't see i don't know england flag sure can angolans jerseys today were big fire they were all rates english just a fucking swearing i'm sorry it's just like a one of these yeah that's the one high yeah so yeah you're right does no yeah you would would've seen it yeah why are there two different ones for england we've had different flags because they have balling country i like the new way maybe that is inland getting more i like japan's flag a lot the red yeah that's strong yeah i'm trying to do we have the worst flag who flakes people have mailed it i just remember from olympics being like oh that stinks yeah i'm trying to somebody i think it's argentina's got the light blue in there that's a strong if you could make a flag for united states would you do we don't have the answers being the shape of a news for the country history and the inside would be bars with people various colors inside that will be the flair who about you i can't follow that up jimmy beans changes yeah like like behind you like a tiger like that that'd be like got it sucks because we have strong colors rewind booths like it's a good base but we just i don't punt it is this photo tilted on purpose for put the pillows i was gonna say maybe i trust you the whole wall just follows that all right let's not play with fire the first time yeah we share up there would i wonder what it would take to like legit redesign of flay glide for country i can't think of time i've ever heard of it happening but why wouldn't it but i think if we think we'd have to add another country take one away yeah or take one away so that because we have forty nine store fifty one stars with that what we should do away with the stars i mean your wet see i like stars i just don't like how we haven't laid out if we just had like a red white and blue flag that had like small stars like all over it they could barely see up close i think that could be the background yeah okay yeah trying to think what else like i don't hate like texas has red white and blue with one style feel you could redesign that to make it to take it still yeah i feel like california's flag with the bear yeah that's strong real strong we had some strong stateful there's some strong state atlanta's has like a peach and a coca cola can on it this is a big ass and a.

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