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Assam ideas, some principles that they have to. Obliged to. So how are the markets reacting to this? Well, of course they're very nervous. And it's not the first time that we hear about how much markets have been nervous around into lease financial measures. We know that. Remember three, Johnny, three, the finance minister hat to to fly to China to try and bear investors, not that long ago. So of course, there is a lot of attention common from the knock markets on this measure because it will mean a lot not only for the severity of the garbage, but also for the stability of the financial situation in Italy. And finally to this mean for the ordinary person on the street in terms of their own pockets. Well. This is a very good question because of course, the end five star is very, they want to deliver on this promise of red village denounce, which as I said, it's extra income for lower income family meaning around seven hundred eighty dollars per month for those PU families. So one side, they want to assure the people say, yes, we've got this for you. We've got these for the poo poo, poo family. But then indeed when it comes to really send the agenda and add all the all the the budget in line, of course, it's a different story because then we have to see what is the reality check for everyday people in everyday knife. We know that the economy is not going well easily as the biggest data in the euro-zone. So of course. It's a kind of a, it's a difficult balance between promises and reality to thank you very much. Indeed, that was to Landy. Political journalists speaking to us from Rome. UBS has nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different over nine hundred of.

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