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Didn't want the pressure of being the first one hundred K player, I one hundred thousand pound transfer free. I did a little bit of research. It's even more interesting than that. This is from the telegraph in two thousand one the transfer of Jimmy Greaves from AC Menam to Tottenham Hotspur and sixty one for around one hundred thousand was considered to be sore delicate, I told him of currency exchange controls that the chancellor of the exchequer in England hat to sanction. It papers released by the Public Record Office show, the government of Harold Macmillan agreed to the transfer only because Britain's status as a net exporter of soccer talent meant that the country benefited from an unfetter transfer market the con. With today's market is marked last year. The premiership spent seventy five percent of its purchase money on foreign players who made up sixty percent of its new recruits. That's in two thousand and one who did this research you or him. No, no, soap. So Paul told me about the hundred K and was like. And there was an article from the telegraph from some years ago. Well, unbelievable unbelievable. Believable. That is your mailbag JJ. We've got what to watch for in just a sec bud before that I wanna tell you about cruiser o sip recruiter. I'll tell you what. Ed Woodward, should he use ZipRecruiter instead of just going with old Oli balls while so there's JJ that's it. Let's see hiring is challenging JJ. It is to get that guy back from Molda who's playing in a championship. That's lower than the Kazakhstani and as bourgeoisie championships and give him the mandate is job..

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