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There was a lack of rowdiness in the classroom i i think of a much easier and more direct explanation for what you're talking about marty is is in the middle 60s there was a huge of surgeon merrill breakup there was a huge upsurge in all kinds of dysfunction there was a huge upsurge in marijuana use as you may know a drug use altogether and of course she had a popular culture that all of a sudden was talking about turn in tune in dropout was talking about free love woodstock was supposed to be the wave of the future i think what was really difficult for kids and might be one of the reasons that this one teacher was talking about the kids being so subdued is there was no longer clear message of what was expected of you and i don't know if you're old enough i am uh to remember a time when the messages were sent to you when you were a little kid this kind of behavior was expected this kind of dress was expected this kind of conduct was expected in this kind of future was expected and all of a sudden that went out the window with some of the what was called the youth revolution of the 1960s let's go up quickly to raanan issaquah washington ron you're on the michael medved show michael heo aren't where regarding the uh department of transportation program about bringing their infants to to work it seemed a bit i dunno if discriminatory is the right word but i kind of doubt they're going to allow us snowplow operator too other work i think that's true but over the i mean there's got to be some sort of equity there right i mean it you know if we're talking about a program that is designed to allow people to have this intimacy with their children um and free up all these other opportunities how come the blue collar workers are being excluded from that well the i mean if you're working for the washington state department transportation and you're a you're supposed to be doing road repair um obviously you can't bring a child to work but they're all kinds of.

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