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Seventh straight victory vis lsu update is brought to you by kill cat your local wacker in equipment dealer remain in the bayou bengals regular this week a centenary tigers travelled to tennessee cochair doj run has seen a dramatic difference in his ball club since their humbling loss to troy back in september nothing to the practice order but we should wonderful bolting the this will serve with uh uh lsu will try and sniff out another conference when saturday against the four and six volunteer to just fired head coach butch jones following a blowout to missouri today at 400 second place with bobby hebert i might deteriorate live from the silver slip thirty it's the saints coaches show which receivers coach curtis johnson then monday night football at seven thirty between the dolphins and the panthers steve geller wwl sports not enough he round news time 602 wage and we go to the pinpoint forecast center goodlooking forecast pickle farmers through the average rate skies be breezy and mild with walter tonight with some clear skies lows the door shortcut kind of chile dropping to forty nine and the south shore round them say it will see plenty of sunshine going to be a gorgeous stay mild with a high of seventy wine it more beautiful weather on wednesday with plenty of sun high temperatures in the mid 70s for the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nicer clear and louis armstrong international airport agyshty means got to breeze on the north an eight miles an hour norris yours y dale clear gene.

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