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But if you saw the movie Pearl Harbor you saw normally doctors would do triage, but with the number of cases, the nurses went outside and the nurses decided based on how severe the wounds were, who lived in who died and triage was invented in wartime. And this is war. Then we'll use that analogy again here soon. And by the way, as an aside guys, Dan and I have love. D-d-d collaborating on this, and this cast has more input from anybody else other than me than we've ever had and thirteen years. Thanks to how high in high esteem I hold Dan and I'll hardy worked on this. So thank you did. Then he goes on over the coming days and weeks. Find the places where goals are not in line based on the the staff meeting and get them to work together. Yeah. What I did was I got to rich, I and said, let's talk about objectives because I really wanted to share what the CEO and hear what he was thinking and CFO as well. They were thinking as far as what the co, large corporate objectives were. Clearly, I knew that some of the Jack gives like get the pipeline in shape. Yeah, sure. For clean up the customer issues, get the software bugs out, you know, those sorts of things, but I didn't spend time drawing up goals. Gosh, had to be six weeks in. Yeah, I would argue that a lining. Internal goals is almost this is gonna sound way way too harsh for Darryl. Don't take the sarong way. Daryl. I think that's a case of fiddling while Rome burns because if we align all the internal goals and they're pointed northeast and rich is already said, we need to go south west or east or southeast all the energy around goal lineman is not going to be helpful, which makes me realize, I'll say it. We'll say it again that initial meeting with rich. The Dan has looted- to is a very important one. Number four schedule calls with more customers to get a better understanding of their needs and concerns yet. I like this. I wanted to let the customer see sense of urgency and commitment and that soon that becomes a two way street. And let's go after those bills. But I, you know, here's what we're doing. Here's how we're improving things. Here's our commitment. Would you agree Dan, that the general theme of customers here was much more about seeing them as in an issue of we need to collect from you rather than what your theme is, which is I'm going to go out. I'm going to, I'm going to connect with customers. I'm gonna tell them what we're gonna do. I'm gonna acknowledge that they have problems. I'm going to commit to them to fix it. I'm gonna make available my cell phone. I'm going to have in depth conversations with him if that's they want, but they're gonna know that everything relative to customers is my responsibility, and they're going to sense that I have every intention of fixing everything rather than my first calls being, hey, you owe some money. That's exactly right, Mark, I I, you know, I did the ladder. My. Hypothesis was there's a reason why there's a bad. Exactly. So Darryl well done. Thank you, sir. Next responded is Nick Goodman, Nick says designated interim executive team. Each of which reports directly to me weekly one on one. Have it meet twice weekly for ninety minutes CEO CFO VP product, which is who is Victor Li.

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