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He goes. Foot on the gas all the way touchdown San Francisco. San Francisco proves to an 18 point wild card victory. Seattle's defensive errors are microcosm of an inconsistent season. I totally have to own that. This is me not getting it right fast enough. Pete Carroll's defense suffered from season ending injuries to Jamal Adams and Jordan Brooks, growing pains with a pair of rookie corners and offensive linemen. What'll happen is that all the noise will quiet for them and their vision will expand and things will slow down and all of those normal things that happen are such a value gain for us as a group. Sunday, players cleared out lockers at Renton team headquarters. Linebacker Cody Barton finding reward in exceeding many expectations. A lot of people didn't think, you know, this team would do much. And to exceed that. And we knew it the whole time, you know, inside. But just to do the things that we've done, and even though it is over, like I've said, to continue building on that, you know, I mean, it means a lot. Tight end, Noah fan had joined his first Seattle season, a trade that brought him from Denver and his message to the 12. Just thank you. You know, obviously ups and downs throughout the year. But it was a great season and a lot to build off of. Important decisions for Seattle's front office, whether to sign quarterback Geno Smith to a long-term free agent deal. Miss a big deal to us, and so this couldn't be more typical by the way the whole thing turned out and

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