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Wife the idea I think he came to me and said would you be interested in partnering on this project with me and the other thing is that you know. Deep within the bowels of ad agencies the magic exists between a writer and a designer. And now she's come from that background and I come from that background. Didn't and like pretty much right away. I could tell that our personalities were a good match and this is way before this book so when the book did come up she was my. I wanted to. My wife and I went to Laurie about it Because it was the right thing and of course you know. Here are yeah. We talk about On this show authors giving voice to the written word so you got the words themselves that paint a picture. Then you've got the beautiful graphics these pictures of these dogs and you look at him and you can see the personalities in the dogs or see them in a moment in time but I was little I wondered. I know how you got into this because you're all passed but was there any Paul's about choosing a feature only dogs. Who had died and headed? Joel come to terms with that. I think that By choosing to include only stories of dogs who have left us. What that does is that enables. The DOG's owners to distill down the stories that matter when the dog is still alive. It's still living. The stories are still being created. Still trouble they're still GONNA trouble in your. Maybe more focused on just what happened yesterday. Whereas after dog has passed away certain stories bubble up to the top and stay there and those stories are the ones that we feel like. Were on one's the most worth capture every dog owner has those stories. That's the beauty of Maria. So is there a common theme to the stories being told Anything that any thread that runs through these stories or they all different in their own way again. It's the love that that would be awesome. It's the foundation of every one of these stories other than that. It's a wide open. So I you know I'm curious The different ways that people chose to tell their stories. You Joe Laura. You're going to read a little poem that you wrote about when your dogs and Jim you wrote in prose you can read a little section that or at least of section of somebody's today but they have approached it as purely memoir they could have written it kind of is a day in in one one day life that stands out. How did they do? They come in all different ways. I think so. I think I mean probably if you were to look at all the stories that we received submissions they probably all break down into maybe five categories like you said memoir or a day in the life or a funny story a singular funny story or the story of the span of their life. You know you definitely might find some standard Arc's but I think that what What Jim said about the stories all being about love? Is that the other thing about dogs like you said. They're they're alive. Dog is still getting into trouble. You know my dog for example that I wrote about in that my mother wrote about was really cute stupid dog I mean he was dumb and on North right well so living with him. We were constantly wrestling with how dumb he was. But now it's all just love. You tell that I'd say that to you about my dumb dog that I had in high school and that's just all sweetness and love these animals like I talk about in my story they They spend ten ten years thirteen fourteen years with us. That time will never disappear. It will always be part of our past and To you know so yes So people there poetry. I think we put a lid on like five thousand words. Max that was the that was the bucket that we we put out there. The the standard so people you know we didn't want novels. We didn't WANNA make this book of long stories are now. We've got a time for reading from each of you from the book. We're going to start with with Laurie. you've got a picture here in the book of Little Little Dog White hair black hair like yours covering this is Dan. Here is is is is is Dudley Dudley. Okay and and listeners. Just so you know. We're going to also have complete Longer version of this show on our patron fee for a members in which Laura's mother Judy Goldman is going to read a prose story from the book. We're going to have readings from other authors as well but for now he's got a little poem and the name of it. Laurie is state. Change Anytime you. I'm walking across sharp coastal Bermuda grass toward the pier the river motorboats Tan summertime campers everywhere. Laughing I just finished reading a letter from my mom. This was the moment the summer I was eighteen when I stopped being a person with a dog. Okay don't take many words to convey appoint right. Yeah so you were. You're eighteen. Where were you? I was at summer. Camp counselors the summer before I headed off to college. Did you get the message by phone call or I think it was a phone call but my mom and I couldn't remember so we decided to make it more poetic and call it a letter but it had happened while I was gone. They had to have him put down and and the stark contrast between this way. I think it was a phone call. I was in the office so inside and then I walked outside to this gorgeous coastal North Carolina Summer Day just blasted with Sun Bathing. Suit kids running around by the river and I remember just walking along going. I'm a different person. Now that my my status as a human has changed an hour ago I was a person with a dog and now I'm no longer a person with a dog and that identity really made an impact on me that Debbie airport. Your family right is like losing a brother or sister added now. Yeah Yeah Okay. So we're going to move from the the poetry to prose for a moment. Jim You've got a story About your dog Tucker right that's right. Yeah and the picture beside this prose piece is amazing. Dog is got some spring has jetson his legs. Yeah you're at the Bates. There's bluewater you're on the sand your knees or craft a little bit This dog half his body is above the top of your head. This trick with he just wanted to treat the treats on my right hand. You could see the that I'm holding a treat but It was something we used to just do. Love to jump in. What kind of dog is Australian Shepherd? They can really move quick. Yeah he was just a puppy like year-old site to set this up before you read the name of my pieces Just a dog and It it opens with me talking about The morning that we knew that we were GONNA put talker down And I'm just going to pick it up a little bit into it thirteen years earlier when it was just me. Tina Tucker went everywhere with us. They knew his name at our beach. He walked the streets of Saint Augustine like the mayor. He was a constant companion and positive distraction for us. The year. My wife worked two jobs to put me through three colleges at once so that I could graduate and we could get on with our lives when we moved from Florida to Charlotte. Tucker sat shock under the moving truck on teen. I bought our first home together. We selected one with big backyard for dogs and kids when daughter one was born. Her first word was puppy. In large part due to Tucker's watchful gaze he was also a good shepherd and raising daughter to over. The Years Tucker helped shape a pack. That has three other dogs. Join it and since we moved. He's been a daily companion for me as I sit at my desk and right thirteen years. They say that's ninety one dog years but it's still thirteen in mine. Thirteen to my possible. What eighty probably sixteen percent of my own life when I'm done other than my mother and now my wife. I haven't been round another soul on this earth on a daily basis as much as I was with Tucker so it's A little hard to listen these stories Although although there's there's emotion of love there's also this emotion agree that sneaking into the equation.

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