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Capital of Point gives to Taxi L A point Launches shot wide left a lot of the rebound. Got it out to heaven. It center. Slip it forward to the Columbus Stone. Savar just rattles it back up the middle. Here's Folino across the blind, dangerous here, and he did a little forehand backhand forehand and fumbled it. Hedman was bothering him from behind. It's still very d dress for Philly knows he carried it to the offensive end. Now, Savard has it right point. Slot, Jenner writes to go to a pinching Savard shoots, save made rebound is loose and stamp goes, gets a stick on it. Leaves in Peru to Can he cleared for stamp goes on the right wing process had been the left side of the middle point too far form. Is this an icing? Yes, point is really upset with that call, and you got exhausted lightning players stuck out there. Llamas gets another offensive zone face off. That's the one thing for May. We like me. Really? Don't look around us. See what sense danger that play right there. Both root in heaven. We're like side by side. Not even taken a look at what? Where the puck was going. Then they had that good chance. Replayed. Nobody blocked out fully know in front there fronting him, and he had a chance for that. Redirect and ask you made a big safe. When you're watching the clubs to they block everybody out. We've seen that for the first. 3.5 and Lightning haven't done as good a job. Stymied. The unit is that a tough shift stamp goes given a warning, and now Nash is thrown out so each side has been given a warning. It's Gregor Ranko and Stamp goes the left of Vasilevskiy. Santos wins it like me need to execute a clear and get these guys off the ice. Victor Hedman out to center ice. Bounce it into the Columbus enlightening. Got a partial change completed Gawronski. Looking to reverse it. Hands off to Jones on a left wing Jones drops it in. McDonough. Fresh legs by the lightning up near side turn AC connects with Anthony Cirelli. You know, with it out to center, ice and Johnson and kind of.

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