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But mayor Kenny says he chose her for another task as well and commend she has the conviction courage and compassion needed to bring long overdue reform to our department the department has been rocked by accusations of racism and gender discrimination so it's significant that outlaw is the first African American woman to lead the department something she says she doesn't take lightly I understand what I represent I understand who opened the doors for me and I understand that it's also my obligation to hold the doors open behind me to make sure that we're not in twenty twenty still talking about first at city hall Pat lobe Q. I. W. news radio and city leaders say they're hopeful and excited to work with the new police commissioner okay bye W. crime and justice reporter Kristin Joel Hanson explains the G. someone both the police union president and district attorney can agree upon city council members applauded Daniel outlaws arrival at the press conference introducing her son saying it's the reform Philadelphia needs deserved attorney Larry Krassner says he's met without well before and is optimistic listen to what she is saying about dealing with addiction dealing with homelessness dealing with concentrated poverty she is she has ideas about that and I look forward to working with them at the P. president John the nasty met out well before the announcement and calls I street shooter who likes to get things done she's qualified I think she's got a good head on their shoulders to straight to the point I think she she has experience she comes with a great background Nick Nesby will be working with outlaw in upcoming contract negotiations for their part in and says he appreciates she's right down to business Kristin Joe Hansen K. Y. W. news radio a tent encampment that form the team to Vine Street several months ago will soon be history city officials say a thirty day notice to leave the property runs out next Monday Hey why W. skin glow this has that story the tents showed up over the summer and Liz hers director of homeless services for the city says most of those people are directly linked to the opioid crisis he says her department has been going out on a regular basis to try and draw them into services like steady housing and drug treatment many people have already come in we have a tiny percentage of the folks out there from where we started just a few weeks ago the thirty days expires on Monday January sixth next week we will go in and we'll give them another chance to get services we will be out there again with bands and outreach and everybody trying to get that man and then at that point we will tell them that they have to take their tents down but they tend to be stored not thrown away her says the city used the same process in Kensington last year and she adds seventy five percent of those people are still receiving services it's called in Kevin resolution and is now a national model Jim Clovis KYW news radio Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is stepping up his calls for witnesses and documents in the upcoming impeachment trial of president trump speaking to reporters in New York senator Schumer said the report said for administration officials tried to get the president to release a do you crane in August are a game changer the new reporting shows that there were serious concerns raised by trumpet ministration officials about the propriety and legality of what the president was doing Schumer wants Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow the witnesses to appear including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton will the Senate hold a fair trial or will it naval a cover up bill Rakoff CBS news Washington a new study shows a direct link between counties that suffer economic collapse in an increase in opioid usage researchers at the university of Pennsylvania studied one hundred twelve U. S. counties in which automotive assembly plants were in operation as of nineteen.

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