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There's a kid in e you saw the tight end for New Orleans dropped the pass, right? What if he catches them? Or a seven nothing instead of three nothing. Right. What if thirty four for the saints tackles Sam shields, and they get the ball at the twenty five yard line. What if that what if the official right into my point? Hang on what if the official which again, he missed the call for the against the saints. What if the official who missed the face mask on Jared Goff Paul's that penalty and the Rams going and score which they probably would because they'd have it I down. Now, it's twenty four twenty. How does that change things? My point is is that there are so many plays throughout a game. I understand that that particular point. It's like parkey the bears missing a field goal. But there was a million plays before that. There's there's seventy offensive player for the saints in sixty nine defensive plays for the saints. They got an interception at the fifteen yard line of the Rams. They're up six nothing when they should have been fourteen nothing. You can debate this forever. There are missed calls all over the field. But if you take all the. And if you take one call in that context and say that cost them the game because that's the debate. Right. That cost them the game. But what about everything else that happened to that point? There were missed calls missed plays all those things the sink shouldn't even have been in a game with the Rams. Would you agree with that? It shouldn't be. You're taking away from the second. Don't no matter. What happened? This is where the game was at at that point. So the fact that they missed the call. Nothing matters. What happened before that? You're you're taking. Okay. So it's okay. That they made. No, no, no. It's not. Okay. I'm not. I'm not saying, it's okay. And then that leads into my. To the point where you're going about about the extra referee referee isn't just some guy standing around saying. Oh, this or that. You're talking about it takes three seconds for us watching the game to understand the penalty or not right? So it would take three seconds for that. Extra. Wait a minute NFL replay is taking three seconds. No, I'm saying you say it takes it takes a couple of seconds for us watching the game understand if that was a bad corner. Right. If you had extra referee watching the game, right? And he can call down. And say, bro. Wrong. Call April break on. Hey. You miss that? Joe? What are you doing? Do you want? Let me ask you this. Do you want every call you want every call? No, not at all not at all. But you can't have such agrees. Things happening. Is that is so wrong. No. I'm not look, I it's not a math equation. It's it's not about being right or wrong. I totally respect. I respect your viewpoints. Thanks for the call. I I completely one hundred percent respective you point. I get it. I really do. It's a horrible call. It's an egregious call. And now a reactionary way the way we do it in sports is now he is going to be something that they're going to review, but if you're going to review defensive pass interference. Then you have to put defensive holding on there which happens nearly every play if you're going to hold a defensive player accountable. And you gotta hold the offense a player accountable now we have. If you have opioid, then you gotta have picks. Like in the Kansas City game where Sammy Watkins went right down the sidelines. It was clear pick. So now picks are going to be called. Did you see where I'm going? It's going to be every single play. And what's being talked about is a guy with a pair binoculars. Mike Pearse said this morning with Gary and Larry guy with a pair of Benach. This is just gonna have a button he's going down. Yeah. We miss that one. Yeah. We miss that one. Yeah. We missed that one. I don't want that. I don't need to live in a perfect world. This one was bad. I give you that. But again, the where we have the disconnect or the disagreement, and I'm cool with it because I get it. I get what you're saying that if you miss if you say that you need to correct one then you have to correct them all. You have to correct. The fact that Jared Goff had at a clear facemask. What about that? They kicked a field goal on that one. Instead of scored a touchdown. Now, it's twenty four twenty. How does that change things? I don't wanna do that. Why not? They missed a clear facemask all they missed it. They missed it. So you gotta get that one. That one's gotta be revealed, doesn't it? And then my whole point. Is there seventy plays again? It's like life. It's somebody saying t's I got here. Because of that one thing this did it to me, this guy fired me this girl did me wrong. This this this this this one hundred thousand things in your life to end up where you ended up. That's what happens at a football game. Seventy offensive play sixty seven defensive plays. That's what happened with the saints that tight end for the saints eighty-five Arnold. He catches that first touchdown. It's right in his hands. You're a professional catch the ball. It's seven nothing. Second possession. You get an interception. Another fuel going up six nothing. You've dominated the game. These are all plays the saints could have and should have made. I add that to the equation. You don't have to. I I'm okay with it. I'm okay. But I'm simply saying the Rams didn't even know where they were for the first quarter was like me drunk on a Saturday night. What what they couldn't hear Jerry Goth is running out to the sideline. Todd girlies hurt. How many more things do you want to go your way you should? Should've won the football game. That's all I'm saying. I'm taking it as the whole ball of wax. And you may not and that's fine. You're scooping out a little piece of it. I'm simply saying that as a whole. It didn't come down to one play for me. It came down to about ten. It came down to a mistake on a fake punt. They get that ball back. They're up twenty to nothing. Arnold catches the ball. They call the the face mask on Gough all those different things happen. And so it's overly simplistic to me. To say that one play cost them when there were ten other plays. That could have been called differently done differently in that game. That's all. And then again, I'll say this. This is a fair debate. If you wanna if you wanna say, you're crazy, that's fine. But remember they did get the ball in overtime shouldn't have gone to overtime. I get it. But they got it. They got the ball. Brady. Got the ball. Scored a touchdown. They went to the Super Bowl breeze. Got the ball. He threw an interception. They had chances. They did. The medicine Petaluma high bat. Good. My suggestion would be. On calls. About that. The two calls for a challenges. Yeah. Right. You get one penalty challenge. So you can either do to players and or or one penalty, okay? I mean, it's a total of two. Yeah. Sure. Doesn't go anymore, but you can use it. Anyway. Get to play like read could have done that. With the passenger. Passer on Tom Brady. One play. I think it was in the fourth quarter. Yeah. Yeah. Horrible. Right. Right. All the fiber said, I'm just feeding that penalty call you want. And that's it. Again. It's over doesn't matter. You lost? It you blew it. Okay. That's fair. You know, that might be a solution. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it. Anyway, cambier. That's fair. That's fair. All I'm saying is I don't want a cavalcade of challenges on every penalty because things are going to be missed. I get it. But if you if you watch a game, especially if you watch like say, the all twenty two film every once in a while there's holding on just about every passing play you could debate pass interference. By the letter of the law in a lot of plays. You could debate offensive pass interference on a lot of place. Push off. You could absolutely positively debate pick plays constantly again. Kansas City ran one last night. And the reason why you can do these things. New England runs them all the time on one of the third down plays. I can't remember this specific third-down play. But one of the trail plays where Julian Edelman basically had somebody in front of him run interference on one of the third downplays. That's a pick play. You just have to be. I guess. Strategic in when you would do something like that. In other words, you wait until the other team scores a touchdown or you get a fifty yard PI against you or something like that. And it just becomes a strategic thing that you can use. I'm not a big fan. I'm still not a big fan of it. But in that context, I guess I could live with something like that. Now, here's would have been the interesting debate as well would Sean Payton have waited if he forgot the caller's name. But. Would Sean Payton have waited to that point in the game to throw his one flag? So he could challenge a call. Maybe maybe not and then the debate would rage on. But it's not a bad idea. And we can't be our Brent Jones at five thirty. I I'm excited to get a are interested to get a player perspective on this whole thing. Because again, we played this little bit earlier Cam, Jordan. Really good defensive lineman out of Cal. Talked about the officials after the game was pissed. I would imagine that most not fans because we're different we hold onto plays and games for ever. Like, I said raiders hang onto the unit. Whether it's the talk, whether it's the immaculate deception 49ers fans, hold onto a number of things fumbled punt against the giants, etc. Etc. You hold onto a lot of different things players have to get over things quickly. That's just the way that they do it. They have to process things. Baseball players have a game. The next day football players generally have game to get prepared for the next week. Same with NBA players. They gotta get moved. Athletes half the move on fans. Don't and we generally don't. So saints fans will never forget that play. I would imagine that. If you ask a player one of those players on the on the saints, and while they're still not happy about it. Most of them go. You know what I played the game over in my head. I didn't sleep a minute last night. I should've done this this and this. Mike is and pleasant and hi, Mike. John. I completely agree with you. I couldn't I couldn't say this any clear, but I think a solution would be to hire have avenue facial for every single player on the field watching every single thing that they do. So we can make the game five and six hours long time that it takes today. The fact is the raiders got the holy roller which fifty three people complained about that. But they also had like you said the tuck rule was in there..

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