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You see this fool enough first-class talking all his white friends as he said. I'd say a lot of my Caucasian. Very nice. Larrea everything is new to blue vase. Man, crazy got his career is just taking the next party. I will be the next car to be jail Cardi. Version of Cardi B. He's got the personality. Brought him in here. Very early on. You got to catch up on the show interview sat down with them. And he gave us a lot of a lot of hundred gave us a lot of exclusive scusi such a new artist. He didn't really know what he was doing. So you're talking about something he shouldn't have been talking about. Authentic. Whack one hundred was in the room. Your face you reported this a few minutes ago soldier boy, China, basically got together to troll tiger. And then they accidentally fell in love. Yes. Like to happen. And then they ended up by man. Hey, Patty dog that's taking petty pettiness your own. It is have you ever been petty like that in a relationship? Now. I tried. I tried getting with one of my ex's friends to show her that they not really her friends, and they showed me that they're really her friends because they got so quick. I can't do that to her. You know what I'm saying? He got curved all good. At least I gave it a shot. I tried to be petty. Did not work out in my faith. No, I feel bad. No, you never had. Relationship. Someone was that way to me, it was a bad break up break up, and they called my work and said you want to know why he hasn't been here. The last couple of days because we've been fighting like. All the way back in middle school. I got played like that. Yeah. We broke up and then a week later. She called me and told me she was cheating on me with dude that I hated. Danny Martinez who went to metal. Madison middle school. I and and then to make it even more Patty because I acted like I didn't care. Meanwhile, I was dying inside. She was like why gave him money to? Chocolate milk straight. Juicing you for money to somebody out. There has been even more pitiable than you. Oh, absolutely. The check in right now. Eight hundred eight five to one zero five nine you're the star on the cruise show. What matter of fact, we have some tickets best? Call win steak. Yeah. The the best revenge the best pettiness. We've got you on that, Patty. You have seeked out revenge..

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