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The show may not have space for her. They may not they have not reached out. We know publicly. But we can all hail marrying is what what's happening here. I would make so much sense. I mean, did they ever did they ever fulfill her story to tell? Generation's. No, no, I saw generations. She in that she's in the very beginning. All the villain. Soren is one of her people. They live very long lives. Their planet was short. She's a refugee they explain that in the show, and she is a important part because she was pulled into the nexus and then pulled back out on my did hurt. Yes. She didn't wanna leave who'd wanna leave the nexus carded a family the nexus. I never thought generations found Kirk Kirk other next to suck writing. This is like what kingpin wanted for his family like create temporal nexus. Yes. Because heart's desire. He warns that he finds Kirk that's cards, heart's desire cards. Cards was have family. Flute because generations opens with his brother. It's super sad. Okay. Let's go to history. Some remember Star Trek best best two part series. Best both worlds. Yeah. Cliffhanger car becomes the Borg. Longest three months of my life. Right. And the season three. Yeah. Comes back for season four they rescue him beverage question. The only one who can surgically remove the board implants and episode where he goes back to earth you need to decompress needs to have shortly. Take time off he goes to the vineyard to meet his brother and his brother son, his nephew. Yeah. In france. Because he's not. He's English in the future. It's all back to Ellen. Anyway, and believe the episode. What is it? Call family. Can I just say that when Avery grows up? I sincerely hope. They don't watch Star Trek. I hope norm recounts every episode for them around the campfire this. This is the dream. The postal clips, basically. Knows norms yesterday storm wakes up, he's the only one that remember Star Trek, and he becomes the greatest TV producer of all time. It's an it's an unbroken string of hits except for maybe. And. Dr Polaski episode called family season four episode two so mealy after he gets rescued from being bored. A whole episode where he goes back to earth. And he he has his great..

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