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What is happening where I'm your host The Wizard of Oz, Benji Wozniak, and this week Kara and I and silent Ben, we'll be talking about urban legends from other countries. So it's going to be exciting. We have to actually hear Ben speak. And I want to start it out. And I'm going to start out with Baba yaga, a Russian folklore. So Baba yaga is an ancient swamp witch who loves to eat people. She's mentioned in ant man and the wasp and she's an old Crone with thin lips who lives in a hut and walks on chicken legs. She got Doc Brown claws, wild stringy hair, jerky skin, and she's mostly always catching a spindly Brom. So she's a typical witch. She appears in a story called vasilis, the beautiful Vistula lives with her stepmother and two step sisters who conspired to kill her. Cinderella. They send vasili after Baba yaga, who they want her to eat her like a person would eat a chicken wing. But Baba yaga doesn't. Instead, she actually helps her and has her do some menial tasks such as separating grain from rice and from wheat kernels and trying to get her to fail, but she doesn't. So in reward, Baba yaga gives her a skull lantern that lines her cabin. And when she goes back to her family, the lantern lights from all on fire and consumes them. So vasilis ends up marrying the za. And again, it's sort of a Cinderella ish kind of thing. But instead of having a stepmother, it's doing all good, fairy godmother. She has Baba yaga who is an evil witch. In many cases, Baba yaga isn't that kind. She's actually someone that wants to eat you and kill you. Baba yaga actually has recently become very famous and people have flocked to her because she's outside the bounds of morality and her often comes as a menacing form. So in some ways, she's actually an earth mother. In many Baba yaga tales, she wants to shove her victims into stoves, IE hansel and gretel. But in the hansel and gretel story, she herself gets shoved into the stove and cooked. She's actually grown in popularity in recent times becoming a compelling woman figure because of rejection of social standards and the power that comes from being an independent woman. She's not liar with the power that isn't derived from beauty. Or her relationship with others. Instead, it comes from within earth hut and fiery stove. So that's the story of Baba yaga. So what do you think, Kara? I like the story of Baba yaga. I was introduced to it first through the miss telling of her and hansel and gretel because the Grimm brothers stole everything from Eastern Europe, very fun. But I thought, I think she's super fascinating because I love an evil woman. And I love a good evil woman, and I think she is both of these things. And I think it's really interesting that what can be good to some is bad to others. Yeah, I agree. And a lot of stories they show this woman living in a hut with magical powers in all kinds of stories was the one with the red headed girl from Disney brave brave they do that in she ends up granting powers and she has the cauldron. So yeah, she's actually been around for a long time and they do use her in different safes. And she's still viewed today in the Russian area Czechoslovakia, Poland. Another is this person that will come get you and kill you if wandering to the Woods. Which I think is so funny that like, which is always have to live in the Woods, right? There are always like these fringe members of society, but there are most powerful members. I guess all mythics and druids and they can go back to times like that where everyone is a French society. But I think it's so cool that when I hear the story of you talking about Baba yaga now, I'm not imagining this rare, old type of woman. I'm imagining someone like kind of like dark and evil and fun. Yeah, I think her character kind of goes with the male stereotyping. Like if a woman has power or anything that they can't deal with, she's evil. She's bad. She's the person that is going to hurt them or hurt somebody. They don't look at women with power as someone like that could be on a positive side, but they do swing her to wish you might do good if it's beneficial to her. Which I mean isn't that every man. I'm just going to do good if it's beneficial to me. Maybe she's more in line with that than we think. Ouch. Okay. Okay, so. Thank you, male bashing. So any male listening to this, just know that I apologize, but we suck. We stereotype women as people that want to hurt us. I mean, you know, those Heartbreakers, but so the next story is going to be Cara and hopefully it's not male bashing one O one. I'm just kidding. That was fully a joke. That was made in jest. My mistake, y'all. My mistake. So my story is actually also about an evil woman, but this is about a chaku sin, which is a Korean toilet goddess or goats. Now we're going to kind of break up the story in two ways because there's a lot to cover. So first we're going to tell a story of what would do. So she haunts the outhouse or the toilet. So if you go in on days that end in 6, so 6, 16 and 26, and you don't perform a ritual beforehand or cough three times before you come in. Her hair will come down and touch you and once her hair touches you, you become sick. So sex that no one can cure you. And then if you don't offer her food because she's so hungry, she's like trapped here and she's hungry. Then she will drag you down and kill you. So kind of intense, right? Very scary. IRA have enough bathroom anxiety as it is. And now I have to deal with all this. But what is interesting is how she came about. So with all laws, it all starts from a story, right? So the story of the chiku is that this older man essentially went into town one day to do some bidding and since he was doing his bidding and his selling his goods. He got wayward taken by a young mistress in the town and she ended up blinding him and keeping him there and now so then he's abandoned his 7 sons in his wife. So the wife comes looking for him and while she's looking for a home in the town, the mistress wind event and she's like, can't have this. Can't have this. So she convinced so she steals the waste cooking and convinces the husband that she's the wife and then leads him back to the village and she disguises herself to be the mother or the 7 sons. Now the real mother is trapped on this island with this mistress now being her impersonator. The youngest son realizes something's off. He's like, this isn't my mother. She's not sharing an umbrella with me. She's not helping me. What's going on? He tries to convince his 6 elder brothers. He's like something's wrong, something's wrong. He tries to get his father can. The mom, the original mom comes back, and she's in her and her son try to cook up this plan to show that the mistress is tricking everyone. Obviously that fails because the mistress ends up killing the mother. Now the sun is distraught and he leaves and he goes to pray to the goddess and please, if I pronounce anything wrong, I am so sorry. I was trying to do this correctly. And this is the goddess of everything. Goddess of life. And the youngest son is praying to her, asking to bring back his mother through petty the goddess that she brings back the mother. Now the mother and the son are coming back to get the mistress. And now the mistress knows, so she actually goes and hangs herself in the bathroom. This is where it comes. And then through everything now that they've defeated her, the mom can't stay alive forever. This was like kind of like a one time thing. So channeling the goddess decides to impart gifts onto everyone so that the mother becomes the goddess of the home and the hearth and the kitchen because that's where home is. That's where love is. So now this mother is the goddess of the earth. And now we have the evil malevolent goddess chiku sin in the bathroom. So it kind of actually is very interesting because they say you can never bring. So that's the story of the chiku. That's haunted story and then that's where it came from. So now we see that living what's remnants that's living today in the society from this story. You can never bring anything from the kitchen into the bathroom or anything from the bathroom into the kitchen to make those two goddesses mad at each other because they hate each other. And it's kind of interesting because back then, it was kind of saying you don't want to contaminate your food with your poop, basically. Because that's what was happening. So it's.

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