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Goes up to the. Saying goodbye to this week, and this must be the bought where we. We hear from you about the highlights of among pieces you've added to the library this week absolutely starting off with Hugh Nolan Instinct Jimi Hendrix in thirty, nine, hundred, Sixty, seven, this music echo and Jimmy says I'd like to plan notes and have it come out color and fight I thought let Fischel, working in a machine to do that right now. He's got pretty close. This is some questions jeep on this Jerry Nolan Johnny thunders heartbreakers he had been had left the band but was back with them for tour of England in seventy seven Barry Canes? News Bryson who just got on board. A Record Mirror is on the road with them and Jerry says this one guy I don't like I've discovered a coward and I can't work with cowards. Who didn't think he was talking about Bonnie? Well Pretty Johnny thunders. I don't know I. Mean Come on Billy Rath was another of the Muslim they. So I'm just not sure. Of course of possibly. Mostly as we as we learned last week become investment bankers. Too cowardly to be a punk rocker I spent a night in basements in Pimlico with Jerry Nolan Paladin Judi Moylan from snatch. But basically that your pill every ten minutes, we'll take you up next. We'll take you down some singing Jerry was nodding out on smack and we met PAT pilot and many many years. Later she remembered every detail of that evening except for my presence she no memory me who May Be wrong with laughter. So do jumping if you feel so inclined anything kind of triggers a thought in you. Great Lease Jane Persky Profiling Rodney being in Heimer, the mayor of the sunset strip for La Weekend seventy-nine. Now, she says the one thing she says, which is kind of funny devious because I'm not sure he'd get away with these. Here's a particular partial for very young ladies and the largest looming rumor about him the tends towards thirteen year olds. You well, this isn't really need is A. Will sort of Look ally in the seventies. The early. His English disco was where the led Zeppelin pickup, a thirteen, fourteen year old group is, for example, rubbing himself says, I'm only somewhat appreciated. Are People playing the forum because of me the people driving Rolls Royces because of me? When. We. Met Him in La. limps Tom Shake just about anyone I've ever met in my life. It was the dead fish endel that vases strange strange Bill Fella, actually kind of quite shy Geeky of found boy but his radio show woes tremendously influential. In says, he broke a lot of bands. Especially on the west coast sounds like she s you one betty page hangs out from the studio. Spandau Ballet. Gary Kemp says talking heads could be grace. They got rid of Vino. He puts looks from top on makes him sound any? Right you right you all. Come remained like could hardly be described his tenure. Court. Zing base registers and yeah, it's a great piece. This is the founded really do roth likes themselves and.

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