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Re charlottesville police went in the cleared the park in about eleven minutes and then of course they scattered throughout the city but as i say no damage nobody went to the hospital with injuries except for and as you know the ray it's impossible to stop a deranged individual uh a murderer who will get his car and i believe when it finally comes out he fully intended to use his car is a weapon and the only people injured that went to the hospital were from that currents that but for that uh we'd be having a different conversation here today and then unfortunately is of course a one of our state police helicopters went down and we don't know the circumstances behind that but uh so we had three fatalities one of them directly related uh to the all right white supremacy group and you know if you look at the blogs and you look on what's being said that the gentleman had written papers about neonazism and so forth so you know listen um we're stronger today the ray because of them they came here they lost and they've made a stronger as i said in the churches today this is a time of reconciliation and i know it's heard uh after something like this it's really hard for me i lost two very good friends uh last night but this is the time uh it is hard in the face of evil but we have to come together as a nation in work together everybody is up you know equal opportunity due process.

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