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And it was a pink floyd fanzine that started in april of nineteen eighty six and there was in alleged correspondents component of it perlika lucia the editor yeah but the way it was sold was you would write to this character named a uncle custard that as in the food grab custard or yeah like the food and cut they it seemed like fans for some reason thought that this was somebody who is either an actual member of pink floyd or had very close relations to pink floyd but a lot of people point to the fact that jeff jensen who was the editor of brain damage editor and creator the only person on staff he never revealed the identity of uncle clustered so that meant that to to these fans so that meant that this was a very credible source there was close to the band i am a not a completely made up source i'm ninety nine point nine percent sure is actually just jeff jensen answering fees blowers himself fair through muir mustafa of wholesale richer yeah he could have been writing the questions any answers as well sort national improvement pernell so as to holy totally yet but you will see a lot of people say that this is a totally credible source close to brought to people's really nick racer yeah a lot of people do say ethnic mason and they say that because and i quote uncle custard is phonetically similar to ugly car stood on schroeder's rigors of acer is such a fair is such a car guy yeah he is a car guy.

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